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Many have seen the image of this beautiful woman adorned with a sash exclaiming the title Ms . Jacksonville . Just another Queen they may think . Quite the contrary , she is Gloria Miller , a woman who has overcome great challenges by creating within herself a strong will to success in spite of it all .

Born in Jacksonville , Florida to the late Reverend James Scott and Annie Williams , reared in Cocoa , Florida , Gloria is the 13th child of a blended family . Her dreams as a young child was no different than any other , yet she was setback when officials in Brevard County Public Schools decided she had a learning disability and placed her in a special SLD program from her 2nd through 6th grade years . Gloria found herself in classes where she was the only verbal and self-expressive child .
It wasn ’ t until a young Caucasian teacher took interest in Gloria , discovering she was misplaced , setting her in her own classroom on observation status at first , only to find that Gloria was an exceptional student with great abilities . This was an era just past segregation with little understanding of indifference and even less tolerance . From that point Gloria excelled on an advanced level .
During her early years , Gloria attributes her desires to achieve from meeting and being mentored by two great women and community leaders , the late Harriet Washington Brothers and Mrs . Barbara Jenkins . “ Both these women instilled great work ethics and taught me that if I exhibited the desired to learn , God would always place someone in my life to teach me tools that would be essential to my growth and success . These are lesson I have kept close to heart my entire life .”
Gloria knew it would be up to her as to what she did with the helpful advice . As a teen , she had many challenges because of the setback of her early grade school years . She pushed through the hurt and disappointment and prevailed , not missing a grade and graduating on time from high school . This to some might have been easy , but for Gloria whose extracurricular activities included softball , track , student council , 4-H , ROTC , and spelling bees … Gloria also added to her plate a mother and then a wife at the age of 15 . Slowed down a little she did , but her tenacity kept her driving … school , kids , husband , she mastered it all .
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