Program Success May 2020 - Page 25

SacredTalkss, LLC. Have you recently experienced a death of a loved one and need someone to talk to and share your sacred feelings and stories. You aren’t alone. The Chaplain is ready to listen! Program Success 25 MAY 2020 I’m Chaplain Della M. Lewis, the Founder/ CEO of SacredTalkss, LLC., is a grief support service. Too many people are hurting in this world without anyone to talk too after a loved one dies. Grieving the death of a love one is painful, exhausting, stressful and cause some into isolation. People are afraid to talk about their experiences with death and the dying process. Sharing feelings can be difficult but knowing you are in a sacred non-judgment space is comforting and therapeutic toward healing. Wherever you are, I am just a phone call or video chat away. SacredTalkss provide: Individual Private Session, , Conducts Home Memorial Service, and Chaplain Facilitator Training. We also offer an eight week Grief Support Sessions at church or business. Chaplain Della M. Lewis Founder/ CEO SacredTalkss, LLC. 25 Years of Experience in Chaplaincy, Spiritual Care, Grief, Hospice and Crisis Care 770-686-5020 [email protected] Let me share my journey. I applied to Guyton Jones School of Mortuary Science six months before graduating from McAfee School of Theology /Mercer University in Atlanta, Georgia emphasis in Pastoral Care. My vision for my life was to become a Funeral Director. My last class in seminary was an internship. I completed a Clinical Pastoral Education, CPE, as a Chaplain intern at Saint Joseph’s Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. As I was escorting a body to the morgue, the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart, ‘You will serve me comforting the living who are dying.’ I completed my residency at Emory Healthcare at Midtown Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. God called me into this specialized ministry of Chaplaincy. Knowing that God loved me first and shaped me for His service as His quiet gentle servant empowers me to love selflessly those I encounter daily. I am trained to listen and serve others in their most devastating moments of their lives with compassion and grace. I have fifteen years experience in chaplaincy, spiritual care, grief, hospice and crisis care experience. I provide top-tier supportive care to patients, clients, caregivers and their families. I thank God for allowing me to be His “non-anxious yet firm presence in the midst of emotional storms, pain and loss. Grief is a normal healthy –human response to any loss. Grief affects us emotionally, socially, cognitively, physically, behaviorally and spiritually. How we grieve is influenced by our family systems, religion, beliefs, age, gender, culture and life experiences. The closeness of the relationship will measure the intensity of grief you will experience. Grief is a journey like no other. It’s like being on a roller coaster ride. In the beginning the ride is really rough and the lows are deep and longer but one day you will talk about your love one without crying and thank God for the memories, held in your heart and the time you had together.