Program Success May 2019 - Page 5

Program Success 5 May 2019 Write A Note To Self... Quick question, “what does a plane, a train and an automobile have in common?” Well... they all have someone pushing the gas pedal, they all head towards their destination, and they all have a reverse gear. Now that 2019 is in full swing, are you still focused on what you want to accomplish and working hard to achieve those things? Let’s take a quick trip in the future by jumping into a time machine and travel to the end of this year. As we travel you realize that each and every month was just incredible. You developed relationships with people that you only dreamed of, created more wealth and business than ever before and overcame personal hurdles that had previously tripped you up. As we stop at the end of the year you have this amazing sense of accomplishment. Don’t leave that feeling just yet. Take a few minutes and stay there, and while you are there make a “detailed” list of all the amazing things that have happened. Then as you slowly come back to today make one more list… this specific list. These are not really goals, but action steps you can take to ensure your future success. Steps that will cause what you saw to be reality in a short twelve months. These action steps will be what guides you all year long. Creating this powerful list now will almost assure that what you saw from the time machine will actually happen by the end of this year. - Program Success