Program Success May 2019 - Page 4

In This Issue Vol. 26 No. 7 - 2019 1. & 16 Tranika L. Graham-William Esquire, Fighting For You 3. Dr. Max Create The Life You Love 5. A Note To Self... 7. Dakota Jack, Beat Depression 9. Retirement: The Worst Millennials Could Kill 10. Ebony & Ivory, Gadsden County Democratic Women’s Club 12. Cassandra Brown, President American Civil Liberties, Central FL 13. Most Valuable Asset, Clarence M. Kemp 15. Teething Babies Charles E. Simmons, III M.D. 21. Dr. Sebi African Bio Mineral Blance Tyrica Nelson, Tea Posh 22. Real Estate Tips, Buenita Carter Lee 23. Resurgence of the Arts, Leroy Meadows 25. Prepare Your Child Today Natrina Lawrence 27. The Dream Foundation, Michael Dobson 28. Ronesia Barrs - Your Hairstylist 29. dThe Family Reunion, Margie K. Cody 31. Publisher’s Editorial, Darryl A. Barrs (386) 334-0040 Your Source For Professional News and Informaion