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“CRYPTO BLOCKCHAIN PLUG” FIRST AFRICAN-AMERICAN OWNED BRICK & MORTAR CRYPTOCURRENCY EXCHANGE OPENED IN INGLEWOOD, CALIFORNIA Los Angeles, CA -- Two entrepreneurs Najah Roberts and business partner Jaci Marie, both Crypto Blockchain experts have announced the opening of Crypto Blockchain Plug. Not only are they the first African-American, women-owned Cryptocurrency OTC exchange in the country but also 1 of only 3 Cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States! The Grand Opening was held on Saturday, March 9th, 12 noon to 7 pm at 614 E. Manchester Boulevard, Inglewood, California 90301 and was open to the entire community as a family/children friendly event. The Open House offered tours of Crypto Blockchain Plug for those interested in seeing what the space has to offer. Located in the revitalizing heart of Inglewood, the 3,000 square feet of beautifully designed office space was built with Crypto and Blockchain enthusiasts in mind, and its creators’ grand vision of offering more than simply a currency exchange. The newly renovated space offers two chic lounges, a 12-seat conference room, a kitchenette, Social Media Recording Studio, shared offices (one is a Blockchain Museum of sorts), a Crypto Blockchain store and a space for kids entitled “Krypto Kids Kamp.” Last, but not least they have the new CryptoSpace Smart ATM with both Crypto and Regular Banking capabilities. In an effort to educate the community with the proper understanding of the Cryptocurrency/ Blockchain Eco System, monthly meet-ups and free workshops will be offered to bring individuals unfamiliar with this new financial concept, into realization. With all the rave surrounding Cryptocurrency, astute entrepreneurs Najah Roberts and Jaci Marie feel that the timing is perfect for the community to gain knowledge, adopt, and adhere to this new wave of the future and be prepared. “I believe strongly that Cryptocurrency is one of the most viable ways to finally close the wealth gap that exists in our world,” states Najah Roberts. According to Jaci Marie, “Cryptocurrency and Blockchain are the revolutionary new technology of our future generations. As a mother, I believe it is my responsibility to be aware of the advancements made that will affect the way my son will acquire new knowledge. Blockchain technology is definitely one of those major advancements.” While the atmosphere and amenities are upscale, the space is inviting, unintimidating and priced right - and, it brings a much- needed service to the community. It’s accessible, affordable and a great place for community members to learn the basics, have a place to meet, work together and get to know each other. Several CEOs of various Cryptocurrency companies will also be present at the March 9th Grand Opening including: Sebastian - Exodus Wallet; Peter Fuller -; Gaston Cruz - Blockchain Plus; Ernesto Huerta - Crypto Space; Jaci Marie - Moms of Blockchain; Ann Willmott - Rabbit Hole; Rick Briamonte - LA Token; Ken Peterson - OWNii Coin; Rafael Groswit - No Limit Coin; Sebastian - Exodus Wallet; Justin Renken -; Jamar James - Digital Currency Guy; and Justin Sun - Bibox 360 to speak about what their specific companies and products bring to Eco System. According to, Black female-owned businesses are the fastest growing economic force in the U.S. The number of black women-owned businesses grew 67 percent between 2007 and 2012, outpacing the 27 percent growth rate for female- owned businesses, reports the U.S. Census Bureau. The rapid growth is particularly impressive and hard-won considering the challenges that black women face as entrepreneurs, including lack of startup capital, resources and loans, along with racial and gender discrimination within the largely white, male-dominated sectors of financing and technology. Both Najah Roberts and Jaci Marie are passionate about mass adoption and understand that it can only be done through education. They are currently positioning themselves to be Ambassadors of the community, providing patrons with in-person interaction, and security and comfort in knowing where they can receive assistance daily. Real People. Real Solutions. For additional information, visit Program Success 5 March 2019