Program Success March 2019 - Page 26

7 Priorities For You To Re-Evaluate to Live a Happier Life Life is really simple, but we just insist on making it complicated. By Donna Reade / In Business, Determination, Encouragement, Inspirational, Life Lessons, Motivation - Confucious One of my biggest struggles in my day-to-day life is managing my priorities. And by that, I mean I take stuff wayyyy too seriously. Car bill due? I’m thinking about it all day. Carpet to vacuum? Also on my mental to-do list. If you spend all your time prioritizing your responsibilities, you’re likely ignoring some things that are very important to your life. Like your Family, your Friends, your “YOU” time, etc. Try out focusing on these 7 areas to see if you can achieve a happier life. Surround yourself with people who want to be happy. If you want to be happy, the fastest way is to hang around with people who are happy. It is time to distance yourself from emotional vampires. Replace them with people who genuinely care about you and want you to lead a fulfilled life. Start to forgive yourself and others. It’s hard to be in a happy place when you’re angry or holding on to guilt, frustration and other negative emotions. If you’re holding grudges, you’re actually hurting yourself more than anyone else. Get in charge of your health. Have you allowed your weight or nutritional wellness to get out of control? Happy people are in charge of their health as much as they can be. Over time, you’ll feel powerful because you’ll know that you can govern your health. Learn how to delegate. Your happiness could be as close as asking someone else to help you. By delegating some of the tasks to others, the load is lightened and room is made for cheerfulness. Program Success 26 March 2019 Look at setbacks as opportunities to grow. Setbacks in life happen. It’s how we deal with them that sets us apart. If you have something happen that sets you back, use it as a chance to slow down and objectively evaluate what’s going on in your life. Focus on what’s important to you. Are you living someone else’s life? Take a few days and consider what you hold most dear in life. Are your actions helping you get closer to what’s important? By aligning your actions with what you really want, you’ll find a truer sense of happiness and purpose. Schedule down time. There’s a large movement afoot that causes some people to believe that the busier they are, the more important they are. Nothing could be farther from the truth. While it’s impossible to be in a laid-back state all the time, you can start to schedule some “down time” to just breathe. To be honest, I still think about my bills and responsibilities, but I try every day to prioritize the things that are truly important. And guess what – I’m still just as responsible as I was before. The only difference now is that I’m happier and the people around me are happier too.