Program Success March 2019 | Page 27

Our children today are dealing with widespread crimes in their communities . Drugs , gangs , alcohol abuse , mental health Issues , and bullying , just to name a few . Parents are asking themselves why ? And wondering where they went wrong and what could they have done differently , even blaming themselves for their children ' s actions . The answer may be Professional Counseling for the Adolescence and no family / parent should feel ashamed for seeking outside help and or assistance . As a Coach-Consultant with more than 25 years of experience in working with children and families , I model values and demonstrate positive supportive behavior , attention to detail , dedication and excellence , directed toward the health and restoring the family as a whole . I am dedicated to providing the highest quality of work in assisting families by strengthening their bonds , improving parenting skills , and preventing child abuse , and parent abuse , by helping families to overcome life ' s obstacles . My overall goal is to assist families with positive tools , values and support to achieve the best possible outcome for themselves and their children . Moreover , our children are dealing with fear of being shot or even killed in schools , home , or at community events . Our children are
Joannie Davis Family Counselor Palm Coast , Florida March 2019 also suffering in silence form being bullied , peer pressured , and lack of resources . Families are afraid to seek help or speak out , because of repercussions . I believe a difference can be made in the family and community with the proper resources and support .