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JAMES R . MANNING Speaker And Church Leader

• Founder and pastor of The Shining Lights Christian center for ten years .
• A regular guest on The Christian Television Network for five years .
• Served as a pastor in both the Missionary Baptist Church and The African Methodist Episcopal Church .
• The host of the world overcoming Faith Radio Broadcast for three years .
• Graduate Of Faith Theological Bible College
It ' s Time for Genuine Bible Unity ( 1 Corinthians 1 : 10 ) James R Manning is the author of six books . " Spirit of God rest upon me to share with the people of God the things in God ' s word Iha I he has made known . This knowledge of God is what you will find in my books . I do not talk about what I think , or what it could be or might be , but what God has made known to me according to what is written in the Bible ."
not to have always existed . It ' s not possible for it to be any other way . If you desire to know God in a way that you have never know him but have always wanted to know him , then this book is for you .
The Immortals The Sons of God on Planet Earth
In this book we take a look at the life of Jesus as the word or God become flesh . To what extent did God put on human flesh ? What is the scripture speaking of when it says , Jesus was made to be the sin ? Made in the likeness of sinful flesh ? Tempted in all points as we are , yet without sin ? Until we know and understand the extent that God became a man , we will not know nor understand what it means to be a son of God on planet earth , and what our full potential is as the sons of God . This book is an eye opener and a must for all that desire to know the truth , for it ' s the truth that makes us free .
The Manifestation Of The Sons Of God ( The Revealing Of Genesis Chapter One ).
The Manifestation of the Sons of God , ( The Revealing of Genesis Chapter One ) is a special book , if you are one who seeks to know the truth , then this book is for you . In this book by the Spirit of God , I solved the long-lasting conflict between the Scientist and Bible scalars . Through the use of the scripture , I give you the true nature of Genesis Chapter One . You will discover what God did in verse one of Genesis Chapter one that left the
earth void , without form , and full darkness
You will learn what Happen when God said let there be light . You will learn the true nature of the six days of Genesis and how they relate to the sons of God . You will also learn what is the true nature of the Sabbath and the Seventh day of Genesis , and so much more . This book is for those who hunger and thirst to know the truth .
The God Who Is Nothing , Yet He ' s Everything ( A result of a Childs need to know )
One day I received a phone call from my daughter who at the time was between twelve and thirteen years of age . She said to me , dad , I need your wisdom . A friend of mine at school told me that he will not believe in God until someone can give him a satisfying answer to how God can be without beginning and end . Wanting to explain to my daughter how ii is that God has no beginning nor end was difficult . Later , God revealed himself unto me , as the God who is nothing , yet he ' s everything . And now as a result of what I know , I find it impossible for God
James R . Manning Athor , Speaker , Chruch Leader Gainesville , Florida March 2019
Power Scriptu re Meditation ( Making Your Way Prosper )
Next to your Bible , this is the best book that you will lay your hands on that deals with the subject of Scripture meditation . The one things that Moses failed to do , Joshua was able to accomplish due to the fact , that God changed his source of meditation . It was through Moses that God brought the greatest kingdom and the most powerful man on the earth to the knee . II was through Moses that God parted the Red Sea and brought salvation to the people of God , and death and defeat to the Egyptian army . But when given a lesser task , to lead God ' s people into their promised land , Moses failed . And for forty years , Moses and his people wandered in the wilder , walking around a single mountain until death . Why ? II was their source of meditation . So the first thing that God had to do after the death of Moses , was to change the source of Joshua ' s meditation .
Meditation is the manner in which we process knowledge . Your experience in life is due to your source of meditation . By changing your source of meditation you can change your experience from death to life . From sickness and disease to healing and health . From defeat to success and prosperity . This book is not just a book that gives you knowledge , but it ' s an application because at the end I have provided for you what I call ' Power Saipture Meditation Drils , that will l8lllcb you no e life of daiy meclitatioQ