Program Success March 2014 - Page 31

Magazine PROGRAM SUCCESS Are You Abel? It seems these tough economic times have everyone discombobulated. Will I keep my job? Where can I get a job? How long can my business hold on? Is it time for me to seek other options to provide for my family? How long is this current economic crisis going to last, six months more, another year… two years? Are you Abel to endure the criticism and envy of others in response to the success of your labors? When you do what the Lord requires of your life, your success become a mirror to others they look in and many will see themselves not doing what the Lord requires of them to do. Sadly enough, instead of stepping-up, many choose to break the mirror. Success breeds Success. It also creates strife and jealousy, and Th e fact that tough times have come in the past, and that they you may fi nd yourself rejected and ostracized. came to past, is no consolation to those going through it now, Martin Luther King, Jr. was a man that did what the Lord required many who have never seen things this bad their entire life. To of him to do. Few of us today would want to be tasked with his make it through, you will have to be at your best and do things burden of service nor would we want to off er his supreme sacrifi ce. you may have never had to do before in order to succeed. Th e However, still today some choose to discredit Dr. King’s message and question is, Are You Able? accomplishment by punching holes in his character as if that changes Adam and Eve began the population of the world with two the fact that he was a man that allowed God to use him in a way all of sons. Abel was the second child born but the fi rst to obey God. us today is blessed. Martin Luther King, Jr. indeed was Abel. Th e Bible says Abel was a Shepard and brought an off ering unto the Lord of the fi rstling of his fl ock and the fat thereof. And the Lord had respect unto Abel and his off ering. Abel knew what was expected of the Lord for his life and he followed God’s general guidelines and specifi c directions. Are you Abel to live beyond your life? People will forever remember what you did for them and how you made them feel. Abel is the fi rst name mentioned in God’s Hall of Fame (Hebrews 11:4), “By faith Abel off ered unto God a more excellent sacrifi ce than Cain, by Are you Abel to perform your work in a manner that is which he obtained witness that he was excellent and pleasing to God? Th e work you do in life tell the righteous. God testifying of his gift s and most about the person you are. You should be your very fi rst by it he being dead yet speaketh.” critic setting a very high standard for yourself to achieve. Th en Are you Abel? Th e world today more others will be baffl ed with brilliance by your work. then ever before needs Abel people. Are you Abel to fulfi ll your service to the world? Your job in Th ose that rise early and work late. life is not necessary your service in life. What you do to make Th ose that understand that failure is money is what you do to provide for you and your family. Your not an option. Th ose that see life as an service is what you do to make life better for others. Th e world Obstacle Course; mountains to climb, is a better place only when we collectively work in our specifi c troubled waters to swim across, valleys areas of service whether it is cutting the grass of a Senior to jump over, storms to endure. Citizen; grocery shopping for a disable person; volunteering at a center for retardation and deformity; tutoring children aft er school; sponsoring summer educational trips; taking a group of your children friends to dinner to teach etiquettes. Are you Abel? I hope so and hope you have H.O.P.E. in these diffi cult and enduring times. Hope is the feeling of expectations that what is wanted to happen will happen. Are you Abel to commit to your goals until you succeed? Many One way to ensure this is to follow have made resolutions which over the years have proven to be H.O.P.E. the acronym: exercises of infertility. We must be careful of the tones which Helping Other People Endlessly. come from our mouths. Th ey become talk, talk, and only talk. Simply saying it is not enough. Now is the time to talk less and do more. Let your accomplishment sang the praises of the life you live. Failure is Not an Option | 31