Program Success Magazine Summer 2021 - Page 31

Publisher ' s Editorial Darryl A . Barrs , Sr . President / CEO Program Success

" A-Click-Away "

Today , the world in which we live , everything is just A-Click­ Away . Houses , cars , trips , foods , clothes , plants and pets ... one click and three days later , it ' s at your doorstep . In so many ways this is great . The advancement of technology has created a world of convenience no one could ever imagine just a few short years ago .
Not only can you travel around the world and take in the sights and the beauty of other countries , with one click you can also zoom-in so tight on a celebrity ' s home you can see them swimming in their pool . There ' s no need to get in your car to make that much needed deposit when your Bank is just A-Click-Away . No standing is lines or drive-thru , no si gn ing the back of checks - our money is instantly deposited and bills automatically paid . No matter where you find yourself, your favorite movie or television show is A-Click-Away . The faster you can click the more you can get , see and do .
Is it possible there could be any ill affects to all this convenience ? One that comes to mind is the behavior traits one may develop becoming so accustomed to getting everything quick . We live in a microwave age with little tolerance for wait . If it ' s not quick and easy ... A-Click-Away ... then it ' s not right . Nothing can be further from the truth . As a matter of fact , the truth is the exact opposite .
Those things that matter most in life takes time to obtain and are easily squandered and i gn ored by many because their day is filled with rapid clicking . The average person clicks on their computer over 4,000 times a day . As you might imagine , very little time is spent on one specific thing . It has been proven that the average time between clicks is 8 seconds . That ' s a lot of time spent clicking . When you really reflect upon it , people can Click-Away their life , dreams and goals .
Because we move so fast from one site to another site , one picture to another profile , we Click-Away those opportunities that have value and those individuals that can improve our lives . We Click-Away our chance to learn a new skill .
We Click-Away our chance to earn a new degree . We Click-Away our chance to master our trade . All because with haste we feel we must see more , do more , and experience that which is on the other side of the next Click .
To do better and be better at anything requires study , patience , focus and comprehension ... skills that have been over-shadowed by the Click-Away syndrome causing a condition of Shallowness many of us exhibit . Yes it is true that knowledge and understanding of any and every subject can be found and achieved through the internet , however , once found it must be studied extensively , thoroughly , and profoundly ... more than the 8 seconds we allow between our clicks . The only cure to our Shallowness is our Indepthness .
Consider within yourself the value and content of your 4,000 daily clicks . Become a better person by making better clicks ? Improve your professional skills by improving your clicks . Obtaining a degree or new ce1tification is A-Click-Away . Gaining new clients and customers for your products and services in A-Click-Away . Better health and a bright future is A-Click-Away .

Publisher ' s Editorial