Program Success Magazine Spring 2013 - Page 14

PAGE 14 PROGRAM SUCCESS – SPRING 2013 Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune and Jackie Robinson… A Legacy Shown Through Film By Dominique D. Barrs When Bethune-Cookman University buys out the entire movie theatre, to preview a movie prior to its release date, you know that the event is worth attending. Sure enough, at 10:00 pm as the theatre fills, you can feel history in the making. The Athletics Department held a special screening of the movie, “42.” Inside the theatre were athletes and students from all walks of life. Together, they were the integrated Baseball team that wins the MEAC title every year, they were the Bowling teams, they were the teams of Men and Women’s Basketball. Also in attendance were the Coaches from each team, which cooperate with one another to obtain their common goal, which is to inspire greatness. Before the movie began, community leaders from Jackie Robinson’s era elaborated on times in 1946. One speaker that stood out was a B-CU alumnus, a white male, who reminisced on the history of the school in B-CU sports. The movie begins. As we watched, we were reminded of the times when the level of hatred towards another individual was based solely on their skin tone, and not their actions. We were able to witness how some cities in the West saw no color, and how cities in the South literally spelled colored on everything. Jackie Robinson was the first baseball player to play Major League Baseball. His path to the top was never easy, but he reached the top due to his resistance to allowing others to hinder him from his goal. Having been raised in Daytona Beach, it was nice seeing your town portrayed in a movie. New Yorkers are used to the fame of having their streets as the location of movies since the start of motion picturres. However, it was a blessing to see our city on the map being the venue to host Spring Training for a Major League Baseball team, and because of one of its leaders, Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune.