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Keep Your Head in the Clouds and Your Feet on the Ground

Do you struggle with finding life balance ? Do you struggle to ground yourself and stay focused ?
The saying “ keep your head in the clouds , and your feet on the ground ” is something my dad used to say . While I ’ ve heard this saying many times ( and have always thought it was pretty corny and cheesy ), I ’ ve started to think about it more deeply and realized the true wisdom of this idea .
As I ’ ve been thinking about it more , I notice that while I often have my “ head in the clouds ” ( thinking about big aspirations , dreams , ideas , and more ) and my “ feet on the ground ” ( staying grounded in “ reality ,” taking practical action , and keeping things “ real ”), I rarely do these things simultaneously .
Tips on How to Create Healthy Life Balance
Here are a few things you can do and think about to balance the yin and yang energies of dreaming and doing in your life .
1 . Notice where you are on this spectrum .
Take some time to reflect on where you fall on the “ head in the clouds , feet on the ground ” continuum .
While many of us move back and forth on this spectrum , most of us have a natural place where we settle – i . e ., we ’ re more of a “ dreamer ” or a “ doer .”
Once we recognize where we are on the spectrum , we can choose to move and create more of a balanced approach . It ’ s important to remember how strong we are – in this specific regard and in general . By acknowledging and understanding where you are on the spectrum , you can set goals and create new habits to help you live a more balanced life .
2 . Allow yourself to focus on your dreams .
What are some of your biggest dreams ? What do you truly want in your life ? Having passionate desire without attachment is one of the most essential elements of making our dreams come true . However , because most of us have been hurt , disappointed , or let down by goals that haven ’ t been attained , we tend to hold back when thinking about , visualizing , and talking about our deepest desires and most important dreams , especially these days .
Having our “ head in the clouds ” is about giving ourselves permission to dream and dream big . Don ’ t let past mistakes or failures bring you down . Remember that the mistakes you ’ ve made in the past are lessons . Failure is not the opposite of success , it ’ s part of success . And when you allow yourself to focus on your dreams , you can better visualize them and work towards achieving your goals .
3 ) Take intentional and effective action .
One of the biggest challenges we encounter in our journey towards our dreams is either not taking effective action ( because we don ’ t know what to do or we ’ re too scared to do it ) or taking too much ineffective action ( because we ’ re running around doing stuff just for the sake of doing stuff , often in an unconscious way ).
When we allow ourselves to dream big ( with our “ head in the clouds ”), how we keep our “ feet on the ground ” is by coming up with intentional and appropriate actions to move forward with our goals , even if we ’ re scared and not sure how things will turn out .
We often need guidance , advice , and support in this process – because it can be confusing , intimidating , or both . When you ’ re open to guidance and advice as you work on taking effective action , you open yourself up to new possibilities and push yourself forward in turning your dreams into reality .
4 ) Get good support and feedback .
To stay grounded , you must have a strong support system . Support and feedback are essential aspects of life , success , and growth . When accomplishing our dreams , we must have empowering support around us . Some of us need people who can challenge us , think big , and help us reach for our goals .
Others need people to help ground us , keep us in reality , and help us focus our energy , passion , and ideas in a practical way . Most importantly , we all need people who can cheer for us , hold us accountable , and support us on our journey in an authentic and meaningful way . We can ’ t do it alone – at least not nearly as easily or effectively .
5 ) Have fun !
Accomplishing our goals doesn ’ t have to be strenuous , stressful , or frustrating . It does take a lot of hard work and grit , but it ’ s also an important growth process that can help us learn more about ourselves and gain confidence in what we do .
It ’ s essential for us to enjoy the journey and not take ourselves or life too seriously . Sometimes , as you may have noticed , we get tense , uptight , and stressed out about our dreams – almost as if we ’ re holding our breath and waiting to exhale once things turn out . When we stress ourselves out about our goals , it creates a challenging dynamic in our lives . It ’ s not the most conducive environment ( internally and externally ) for us to create success and fulfillment . Having fun along the way ensures we keep things in perspective and enjoy the ride , regardless of the outcome . Keeping our heads in the clouds and our feet on the ground is much easier said than done . However , when we can do both things with passion , intention , and focus , we create a sense of life balance and peace that can allow us to have what we truly want in life .
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