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Ashley M . Clark , founder of Sense 2 Cents
Program Success 9 June 2019
Ashley M . Clark Sense 2 Cents Tampa , Florida June 2019019

Ashley M . Clark , founder of Sense 2 Cents

Understanding how to manage finances has become one of the most critical skills today . Very few Americans save for emergencies , and many live from paycheck to paycheck . If a change is to be brought about , it must begin from an early age . Sense 2 Cents is pleased to introduce its Financial Literacy Flash Cards and Activity Book for children , which was launched in April 2019 .
Also watch out for financial workshops for children to be conducted by Sense 2 Cents Jumpstart Academy in the summer of 2019 . The workshop will take participants through the nuts and bolts of economy , banking , investing and credit in a classroom setting .
Why should children be taught the basics of managing money and finances ? The answer lies in the current state of the economy , education and how adults manage their finances . As per the National Financial Educators Council , while knowing high school level algebra is needed only by 19 % of adults , financial education programs benefit 100 % of students as they grow up . As students enter college or graduate , lack of financial literacy hits them hard .
The Financial Literacy Cards introduced by Sense 2 Cents comprise 55 important financial words defined in simple language . Each term has been carefully selected to fall into categories such as economy , banking , credit and investing . The cards are meant to be used at home in a fun way , and the words can be used as fun games to introduce topics from these areas .
“ The flash cards are to help parents talk openly with their children about money . Being able to introduce financial knowledge at an early age will allow for our youth to be more involved in financial decisions and make the right decisions regarding their finances ,” says Ashley M . Clark , Founder of Sense 2 Cents .
The Financial Literacy Flash Cards can be bought with a printable activity book . Every purchase also comes along with access to a private video lesson each month on various financial topics , games and conversations .
About Sense 2 Cents has been founded to inculcate financial literacy among children with a range of courses and tools , all focused on important areas such as economics , banking , credit , investing and entrepreneurship . Ashley carries a rich experience of working in the financial industry for over ten years , and wants to help parents teach their kids financial literacy at home in a fun and effective way .
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