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Treatment in America

Nearly 60 % of adults with a mental illness didn ' t receive mental health services in the previous year . 4

60 % 50 % 111

Nearly 50 % of youth aged 8-15 didn ' t receive mental health services in the previous year . 1
African American & Hispanic Americans used mental health services at about 1 / 2 the rate of whites in the past year and Asian Americans at about 1 / 3 the rate . 1
Behavioral Health Therapy Therapeutic Behavioral on-site services are intended to prevent recipients who have complex needs from requiring placement in a more intensive , restrictive behavioral health setting . These services are coordinated through individualized treatment teams and are designed to assist recipients and their families .
We provide insight oriented individualized care to help improve family dynamics , feelings related to anxiety, sadness , trauma , or difficulty excelling in a school or work environment . Additionally, clinicians work with clients and their families to assist in the alleviation of symptoms related to oppositional and maladaptive behaviors .
Don Jackson and his mother Callie Jones Frison who Don contributes his work ethics . She worked hard as a single parent to provide for her three children against many odds . One of her proudest moments was seeing Don graduate from Shaw University and prevail to make his business a success .
Promoting Wellness : Educating rec1p1ents on attaining balance with regard to their physical and emotional wellness by engaging in the use of healthy coping skills as well as engagement and implementation of healthy lifestyle choices .
Front Cover Feature Don Jackson Right Path Behavior Health Services Jacksonville , Florida July 2019
Fleet trucks of Integrity Logistics and Transport , a transportation truck line Don started with his partner Corker Wimberly