Program Success June 2019 | Page 15

Benefits of an ATM When you need cash , where do you go ? Your local shopping center , supermarket maybe even a gas station ? So as a business owner where do you think your customers will go to get out cash ? Provide a great service to your customers and at the same time boosting revenue with an ATM . The profit generated will be an essential part of your business income and profits , increasing foot traffic and increasing sales .
Benefits of a Vending Machine As odd as it may sound , a vending machine can help motivate staff and positively impact the efficiency of the company . The initial impact a vending machine may have on your company is clear from the offset ; happier employees . Staff will be appreciative that the company has their best interests in mind , and adding a convenient and accessible source of food and drink helps create a happy and efficient working environment . While there may be a buzz initially due to the novelty factor , you ' ll find that a vending machine acts as a hub for social meeting and office interaction , helping strengthen relationships and contributing to employee satisfaction .
Julie Morrison Kight DeSiree Coats Vending Machine Jacksonville , Florida June 2019019