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On the surface, we saw the festive occasion glamorized by the paparazzi and celebrities. But a slight adjustment to our apertures reveal the cunningness of the British benevolent indifference to their colonial past and present. According to news reports, it was estimated the royal wedding cost a whopping $45 million (U.S. money) with the royal family only paying $2 million of that cost. The $43 million balance was paid by the British taxpayers, raising eyebrows about austerity. The black entertainment at the royal wedding was ubiquitous on TV. The royal family reached into their triangular enslavement trade bag and pulled out soul- stirring performances from the black choir who gave us “Stand By Me” to the black Bishop who delivered a Martin Luther King-like sermon on LOVE. Even the black young cellist performing “Ave Maria” gave us a rendition that made our hearts stand still. But the black inclusion in the royal gala doesn’t dismiss the racial/ economic strife and historical colonial rape of the African Diaspora exercised by Britain. Historians have documented with the introduction of sugar in Barbados (1640) by the Dutch, enslaved labor was needed more than ever. Britain seized upon this opportunity and transported 3.1 million Africans to British colonies in the Caribbean, North and South America and to other countries. The cheap labor wasn’t just assigned to colonial times. A recent article in Esquire magazine, stated during the years after WWII, the British government opened its doors to Africans from Trinidad and Jamaica to augment their work force. Program Success 7 June 2018 The Duke and Duchess of Sussex Prince Harry and Meghan Markle They became known as the Windrush Generation, in honor of the ship that brought them to the UK. Today these black Brits are treated as illegal aliens, unemployed and homeless. The pillage and plunder of Africa’s minerals and resources still continue to this day. In a report titled, “The New Colonialism” published by War On Want (2016), over 100 companies, mostly British, control Africa’s key mineral resources such as gold, platinum, diamonds, copper, oil, gas, and coal. Collectively, they control over $1 trillion worth of Africa’s resources. There’s a note of mockery here. Africa (Alkebulan - the ORIGINAL name) was discovered as the cradle of civilization by two Brits, born in Kenya: Drs. Louis and Mary Leaky. The two Brits demonstrated that humans evolved in Africa which later became the basis for the riches the British royal family put on display doing the royal wedding. All done with a smile of benevolent indifference. There are many who hold promise for the interracial newlyweds. The soulful balladeer Terry Collier poses this question in one of his classic R&B songs, “What Color is Love?” Tolson Banner is a graduate of Clark Atlanta University where he majored in Broadcast Journalism, graduating magna cum laude. He became the first African-American Public Information Officer with NASA. He later attended Howard University’s Graduate School of Business, graduating with an MBA in Marketing/Finance. After graduating from Howard U, he worked at BET as a Marketing Manager and wrote the final report for Washington, DC’s cable TV franchise award. He is currently a national consultant, writer and columnist. He can be reached at