Program Success June 2018 - Page 6

THE ROYAL WEDDING BORN OUT OF AFRICA By Tolson Banner Guest Columnist Pomp and circumstance. Pageantry and pontification. A wedding day of bliss. The British crown and the daughter of African dust. A matrimony reverberating the cradle of civilization. The Britain holdings were once so vast this phrase was coined: “The sun never sets on the British Empire”. And so too was the vastness of its colonial empire that this phrase is apropos: “The England Empire eclipsed the sun from shining on Mother Africa”. Set against this historical backdrop, we witness a love story juxtaposed against amour and neocolonialism; against exploitation and the affairs of the heart; against the raping of Africa’s mineral wealth and its people and the breaking of royal tradition. The bride to be was Meagan Markle, a bi-racial, African-American of humble beginnings. It appears Markle bedazzled her husband to be with her stunning charms and striking beauty. Born of an African-American mother and a father of American-European descent, Markle stormed onto the British Monarch scene with grace and panache; giving rise and inspiration to the downtrodden - ushering in “A change gonna come” moment? We shall see. The groom, born with the proverbial silver spoon, Prince Henry, Duke of Sussex, on the other hand was of British royalty. Prince Harry, as he is more commonly known, is the younger son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, who in 1997 died in a car crash in Paris. He stands sixth in line to the British throne. Prince Harry’s boyish ways wooed the crowd - breaking many young girl hearts in waiting. With the white nationalistic fervor still smoldering from Brexit, Prince Harry came across as altruistic and egalitarian.