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By Jodi Guest Columnist MailChimp , USA
Running a business is demanding . And with a lot of responsibility on your shoulders , stepping away from the office can feel scary . But taking a break is just as important as hard work , and you ' ve earned a vacation . Plus , time away gives you perspective . When you ' re not in the thick of your day-to-day routine , you can look at your business through a different lens and come up with even better ideas for the future .

Get Ready !

Preparation is the name of the game when it comes to making sure you get a rea / break .
Once you ' ve decided where you ' re going and when , relay those details to your team . The more notice you give everyone , the easier it is for them to prepare .
Depending on the nature of your business , you
We rounded up a few ideas about how to prepare your business to succeed even while you ' re away .
might need to email your customers and let them know you ' re going to be out of town . This will prevent them from feeling disappointed or frustrated when they can ' t get in touch .
It will also help them relate to you as a person , not just a business . You might even inspire them to take a vacation themselves !

Before you leave the office :

You might even inspire them to take a vacation themselves !
Send an email to your customers and clients and tell them :
• How long you ' ll be gone .
• If you plan to check your emails while you ' re out .
• Whether there ' s someone else they should contact .
• When they should expect to hear
directly from you again .
And whether you have a team or you ' re flying solo , you can automate your marketing to keep things going and take repetitive work off of your hands .
• Schedule emails . Even if you ' re not personally emailing anyone while you ' re on vacation , you can still send emails from your business that promote a product , share news , or tell a story . Create the email before you leave and schedule it to send while you ' re out .
• Set up Facebook and lnstagram ads to run while you ' re offline . Facebook and lnstagram Ads can help you
grow your reach on each platform , regardless of whether you ' re personally logged in . Simply create and turn on the ads-then let them do the work , while you take a break from social networks too .
• Launch Google Remarketing ads to sell more stuff , even on vacation . While you ' re away , people might visit
your site and leave before they buy anything . But when you build Google Remarketing ads in MailChimp , you can recapture their attention and bring them back when they ' re ready to buy .
• Turn on abandoned cart emails . People often put stuff in their cart but then fail to check out . When you turn on
our abandoned cart automation , you can automatically remind shoppers what they ' ve left behind and encourage them to buy it-that way you ' ll make more money for your next getaway .
When you turn on these automations before you leave the office , you can reach your audience and grow your business , even when you ' re off the grid .