Program Success July 2013 - Page 31

always been my dream to own a restaurant – I say… “you can dream a bigger lie than you can tell.” If you have never even worked in a restaurant, you will never be successful owning a restaurant. I have seen barrels of good money thrown away and wasted on ventures where individuals did not have the knowledge nor experience – only the dream. The second principle is “Success begins and ends with Money.” You will not have success until you have money. It takes money to rent space, buy product, make sales calls, and manage an office. There are several ways to get the money you need – i.e.: a bank, a family member, or a friend. For a bank to give you money, you will have to present a business plan stating in detail your business model and income projections for the next three years. To get money from a family member or friend you will have to make a convincing presentation to them ensuring them you know what you are doing and can repay their money. Either way, if you can’t convince someone to give you the money, chances are you don’t possess the needed business savvy and without it, you won’t be successful implementing the business. The second principle is getting the money you need. The third principle is Failure. You cannot be successful without failure. As a matter of fact, you need a lot of failure to be successful. People of faith believe in the blessings of God. To believe that God blesses, one must also believe that God curses. People of faith sometimes interpret failure as a sign from God to stop and quit. Success is a long journey to the mountain top that is filled with twists, turns, rough terrains, inclement weather, and stress and strain. Failure is feedback, and feedback is the breakfast of champions. The third principle to success is to expect Failure. The fourth is “Plan your work and Work your plan.” You must have a specific definition of work. In my business I defined my work by my sells. If I went out and called on 20 businesses, explained my product and did not make a sell, did I work? ... No - I just visited. I have learned to define my work by the number of sells I made not the number of visits I made. Only sells keep you in business – not sell-calls. I note the number of sells I needed to make each day - if I made them I had a successful day. If I did not my make them then my day was non- productive, a failure. No gray areas – only good days or bad days. In planning your work, each day must be productive. Feeling content about stacking unproductive days upon unproductive days produces unproductive weeks and months and is an exercise of infertility. I call it make-believe… you making yourself believe next month will be better. Remember, failure is feedback, when your plan is not working, reinvent yourself, change your sells script, or even modify your product. Monitor your success with well-defined goals. The forth principle is Plan your work and Work your plan – daily. A dream doesn’t become a reality through prayer; it takes sweat and determination. The only Secret to Success is hard work. Today is a new day we have never seen nor experienced. It is an opportunity for you to be better and do better, and allow your faith and your work to lift you above doubts, obstacles, excuses and fear, so that at the end of the day, you are closer to obtaining your success. Pray as though everything depends on God and work as if everything depends on you! Program Success Failure Is Not An Option