Program Success July 2013 - Page 30

Your Faith May Hinder Your Success All of us want to be successful in life. We have goals and we have dreams. We have bench marks set in our minds at strategic points of our life anticipating the level of success we plan to have achieved at certain times. It is our hope that our accomplishments will be exemplified in the houses we live in, the cars drive, our gold and diamonds, fine clothes that array our bodies, and our trips far-far-away. These are the goals and the plans we set for the life we live. To fulfill these lofty expectations we set out to become business professionals and business owners with hopes of making in excess of hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is what we want, these are our plans, we have prayed about it and God has confirmed in our spirit all things are possible. There is nothing wrong with having great expectations in life. I am a believer in being all you can be. I believe that God has given each of us the ability to create and complete. I believe that “if your mind can conceive it and your heart can believe it then you can achieve it.” However, I have found that in many, the greater your faith is in God, the lesser are your chances of success. Let me explain. As I researched this theory, I discovered that those who have a strong faith in God are committed to prayer and reading the Bible which teaches “Ask and you shall receive…” and “I can do all things through Christ…” In so many circumstances in life these principles apply and are very true, however, in business – your faith may hinder your success. When it comes to business, the mentality is more like “seek and destroy” and “the survival of the fittest”. You have your life’s goals which I am sure are honorable, but so do others, and their goals may align with yours and you find yourself in competition. Everybody will not be successful, only a few – who are those that are willing to do what it takes to separate themselves from their competition... work harder… stay longer… think smarter. I learned early in business that “every dollar you make is a dollar someone else did not, even though they provide the same service or sells the same product.” Because of this fact, everybody won’t be happy with your success. It is important that you believe in yourself and have faith in God. I further instruct you to “pray as though everything depends on God and work as if everything depends on you.” This is where I feel most go wrong with their faith. Too often we pray and believe only to later just sit back and wait for God to move the mountains of success to our doorway. Then we wonder why is it we have been doing business so many years and still haven’t been able to leave our job, make the big money, and live in your dream house? Allow me to share just a few Business Success Principles I have learn over the years. The first principle is chose a business where you have expertise or become an apprentice to someone doing what you want to do. I know due to this economy many people are finding themselves unemployed due to lay-off and early retirement doing a time where there are no jobs to be found and because of this, they are considering for the first time starting their own business. You might hear many of them saying it has