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Malachi Beyah A Man of All Times M & M MaintenancePlus Jacksonville , Florida January 2018

MALACHI BEYAH A Man of All Times

Whenever there was change to the betterment of Jacksonville ' s Black Community ... there Malachi Beyah stood . Wherever there was opposition to the growth and development of the Jacksonville ' s Black Community ... there Malachi Beyah stood . For more than 50 years one thing has been constant , Malachi Beyah ' s love for his people and the city he has always call home . Malachi Beyah has never been one to sitstill when there was work to be done .
It was this very mindset of a young man that led him to matriculate and complete his education first at Ralph Johnson Bunche High School and later at Edward Waters College where he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education . Upon graduation the climate of the
land was Racial Discrimination and he found himself on the forefront of the Civil Rights Movement in Jacksonville . Malachi exemplary and fair to all , received many awards , certificates and accolades as a Community Activist addressing community issues .
Malachi Beyah is currently the President of Edward Waters College Alumni Association and a member of the Episcopal Early Head StartAdvisory Council . He serves as the President of the Northwest Community Development Corporation Board of Directors . Malachi believes a man is defined by his actions - what he does and not by what he says . He considers himself a Laborer in the fields needing to produce a Harvest .