Program Success February 2015 - Page 4

In this issue PROGRAM THE NAME SAYS IT ALL SUCCESS Nathaniel P. Ford, Sr. Leading A Trasportation Renaissance in Northease Florida Page 1 Page 5 Page 3 Page 12 page 1 President Obama and Our Nations Black Colleges page 3 Martin Luther King, Jr. By Jack F. White page 5 The ‘End Times’ Preachers By Pastor Leon Bing page 10 What A Realtor Can Do For You Buenita Carter Lee Page 12 Carter Woodson Hires Langston Hughes By Todd Steven Burroughs Page 13 Hope for Families With Teen Abuse & Violence By Laurie Reid page 15 Page 13 Page 23 Page 15 Page 24 Dr. Rose Campbell - Top Choice Educational Consultant Services page 23 DaMarra Chanel Gospel Recording Artist page 24 Endometriosis By Charles E. Simmons, M.D. page 29 Living In Her Dash By Laura Dorsey Harris page 33 JazzTasting Orlando, Florida page 34 Page 33 Page 35 Publisher’s Editorial Darryl A. Barrs page 35