Program Success Fall 2018 - Page 4

In This Issue Vol. 25 No. 11 - 2018 1. & 16 Sarah L. Carter Service From the Heart 3. Yolanda Rogers CEO and Founder Tippy Tot Shoes 5. Black Lemonade, Vicktor Stevenson 6. Clarence M. Kemp CK Insurance Solutions 8. Helping Hands of North Florida Dorinda Geans-Jay 11. How A Black Woman Unravels Terri Oni 13. Polishing Your Jewels Julie Morrison Kight 14. Texas State Fair Football Showdown Henry J. Barrs, Lone Star Sports 20. Community Spotlight of Success Paul Antonelleo Houzell 23. Gene Disorders Dr. Charles E. Simmions, III 25. In Times of Crisis and Tragedy Lisa Sherman, The Ad Council 26. African Bio Mineral Balance Tyrica - Tea Posh 29. Aida L. Cirino-Lee Holistic Health Coaching 31. Publisher’s Editorial, Darryl A. Barrs (386) 334-0040 Your Source For Professional News and Information