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" YOU don ' t have to leave the HOOD to eat Healthy like you should !"

At Tea Posh Naturals we offer a Holistic Approach to healing from various health conditions such as Diabetes , Lupus , High Blood Pressure , PCOS , HN and more . We are here to teach you , guide you and provide you with the tools to allow the body the heal itself. are meant for your body , herbs that assimilate with your body and a lifestyle to maintain better health and endurance . So come on home to Tea Posh Naturals where real healing is taking place in the Hood .
We offer Alkaline Herbs , Herbal Teas , and Healthy Meal Options to help bring you back to your natural state of being . We are the only Conscious Based Awareness Center in Jacksonville that offers Avocado , Quinoa and Sea Moss right in the midst of the forgotten hearts and talents of our city .
We bring healing starting with Food and Knowledge . The Sebi-an family in Jacksonville learn something new each day they visit us . We offer meal options like Hemp Milk , Mock Alkaline Chicken made from Oysters Mushrooms , Smoothies , Salads and Herbal Teas .
The Tea Posh team is committed to bring real change to our Hood and encourage you to try Alternatives that work . I have lost over 100 lbs . and reversed PCOS . As I transition my lifestyle just the way the Most High intended me to do , Tea Posh Naturals is here to help you do the same .
We must learn to feed the cells in the body , break food addictions , cleanse the body with Natural Herbs and allow the body to reach an Alkaline state . At Tea Posh Naturals we will guide you every step of the way starting with foods that
African Bio Mineral Balance Tyrica Nelson Jacksonville , Florida Fall 2018


African Bia Mineral Balance Advocate / Herbalist