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Program Success 9 Fall 2017
By Monica G . Ross , DMD Central Florida
Dental implants have gained popularity in recent years causing the field of dentistry to be revolutionized . Traditionally , removable dentures were the primary option to replace any missing teeth . Dental implants can replace a single tooth , multiple teeth , or a full edentulous arch . Most patient ' s complaints were directed towards complete lower dentures because the lack of stability and retention upon wearing the denture . Dental implants help eliminate these hindrances by increasing stability and retention of the prosthesis and improved a patient ' s confidence to eat , speak , and smile .
What are dental implants ? Dental implants are fixed ( non-removable ) prostheses to replace a missing tooth or teeth due to a sports-related injury , tooth decay , excessive wear and tear from parafunctional habits like teeth grinding and clenching or periodontal disease . Implant screws are placed within jawbone to replace the roots of extracted teeth . The surgical site takes at least 6 months for the bone to heal and mature before the implant is ready for its final restoration . When the implant has properly integrated itself in the patient ' s jawbone , a trained licensed dental professional will expose the implant and insert a tooth inside the implant screw . Implant restorations can consist as a single crown , multi-unit bridge , or denture .
Monica Ross Dentist , Implants Orlando , Florida Fall 2017
Can I get an implant ? Dental implants are dependent upon bone height and width and patient ' s medical history . In some cases , patients will need additional surgery , like bone grafting , sinus lift , and ridge augmentation , to ensure proper bone height and width parameters are met before an implant is placed .
Some contradictions for dental implant surgery but not limited to :
• Severe resorption of jawbone
• Uncontrolled diabetes
• History of radiation exposure for head / neck cancer
• Bisphosphate medications used to prevent loss of bone mass from osteoporosis or bone-related cancer
• Au oimmune diseases
• Active progression of malignant cancer
• Severe cardiovascular diseases
• Poor oral hygiene
Dr . Monica G . Ross is a board-certified general dentist practicing in the Central Florida area since 2013 . She is a graduate of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in Newark , NJ and obtained post-graduate training at St . Joseph ' s Medical Center ' s General Practice Residency program in Paterson , NJ helping to advance her knowledge in hospital dentistry . Dr . Ross is a member of the American Dental Association , Florida Dental Association , and the American College of Healthcare Executives . At a young age her mother instilled in her this quote from John Burroughs : " For anything worth having one must pay the price ; and the price is always ( hard ) work , patience , love , and self-sacrifice ".
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