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Program Success 7 Fall 2017

Shelia A . Windom Ms . Gold

I came to Bethune-Cookman University form Belle Glade , Florida . Today I have served as a Teacher , Administrative Dean , Assistant Principal of Instruction , Principal and Executive Director totaling 27 years . I am currently serving as an Executive Area Director , Orange County Public Schools . I decided to run for Ms . Bethune-Cookman University Alumni to embody the submission , vision and values of the university . My drive , passion and commitment is to continue the legacy set forth by Dr . Mary McLeod Bethune . I entered Bethune-Cookman University at the age of 16 and matured with the help of my professors to gain a better perspective of what to expect in the real world . I received a solid foundation for life to become a productive citizen in society . My ongoing effort will be to continue to bring awareness to our university ; for students who may otherwise never have been afforded the opportunity to pursue their dreams of going to college .
I expect to serve as an ambassador of the university with assertive efforts towards building community service and partnerships through projects . Our efforts are to raise money to assist with becoming a financially sound university . A top priority is to assist with increasing enrollment so our university can be nationally recognized . I plan to work towards the goal of strengthening our Alumni Base for stronger contributions to

Ne ' Tosha Dopson Ms . Maroon

I was blessed to matriculate to Bethune-Cookman University ( then BCC ) as a Presidential Scholar from 1994-1998 , graduating Cum Laude with a B . S . in " Chemistry . Furthering my education , I completed a Master ' s Degree in Clinical Medical Science & Physician Assistant Training at Barry University in 2000 . The past 16 years I ' ve practiced medicine specializing in HIV / AIDS in Jacksonville , Florida .
I accepted the nomination to represent the Duval-Nassau Alumni Chapter of Bethune-Cookman University for 2016-2017 , which was a role outside of my box . I feel volunteering is a necessary duty . Serving our Bethune­ Cookman University Alumni Chapter here in Jacksonville , Florida is one of the four organizations I am committed to my time and resources . Surprisingly , I placed as Ms . Maroon at this year ' s National Convention . I ' d like to use this platform to encourage other alumnus to become active in their
Bethune Cookman University Alumni Queens 2017 Garrie Harris , Shelia A . Windom , Ne ' Tosha Dopson Daytona Beach , Florida December 2017