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As long as Negroes are hemmed into racial blocks by prejudice and
Publisher ' s Editorial Darryl A . Barrs Dr . Mary McLeon Bethune Challenge Legacy Daytona Beach , Florida Fall 2017 pressure , it will be necessary for them to band together for economic betterment . Negro banks , insurance companies and other businesses are examples of successful , racial economic enterprises . These institutions were made possible by vision and mutual aid . Confidence was vital in getting them started and keeping them going . Negroes have got to demonstrate still more confidence in each other in business . This kind of confidence will aid the economic rise of the race by bringing together the pennies and dollars of our people and ploughing them into use / ul channels . Economic separatism cannot be tolerated in this enlightened age , and it is not practicable . We must spread out as far and as fast as we can , but we must also help each other as we go .
These words were pinned by Dr . Mary McLeod Bethune as part of her Last Will and Testimony back in 1955 . Still today , her words ring true . During her days , there was a time for us to be economically conscience then , just as it is important for us to be effectively enterprise today . Working together is the key to our success , trusting one another , spend our money with each other .
The success of our community over the years shamefully so was not contributed to the masses . Everybody did not participate . Only the faithful few saw past their egos and personal success and became part of a movement that bettered us all . It has been said that those who fail to learn from the mistakes of the past are destined to repeat them . The present state of our community attests to its truthfulness .
Where God guides , He provides . In 1904 Mary McLeod Bethune life was totally the compiled existence of 5 girls and $ 1.50 in cash and a rented cabin . By 1918 she possessed a four story building called Faith Hall , a 2 story building used for a kitchen and a new $ 40,000 auditorium on 20 acres . Her school ' s classes offered sewing , dressmaking , domestic science , gardening , poultry raising , raffia work , rug weaving , chair caning , broom making , teachers and nurses training . An additional building some distance from the campus was fitted up for the education of boys and men .
YOUR Program + YOUR Success = YOUR Progress