Program Success Christian Reader September 2007 | Page 2

2 The Christian Reader September 2007 E X P E R I E N C E A N D K N O W L E D G E T O G E T T H I N G S D O N E ! Praised by community leaders for her “unique combination of professional skills and com- munity awareness,” Commissioner Reynolds has taken the leadership in many successful efforts to “get things done in our community.” ACCOMPLISHMENTS and INITIATIVES PRIORITIES FOR THE FUTURE • Bringing Jobs to the Midtown Area • Securing Improvement Funds for Midtown • Increasing Neighborhood Police Presence • Initiating Affordable/Workforce Housing Trust Fund • Paving Un-Surfaced Roads • Repairing Roads and Sidewalks • Building Storm Water and Drainage Projects • Initiating Senior Citizens’ Program • Donating Computers to Youth • Upgrading Parks’ Safety and Maintenance • Building Neighborhood Playgrounds • Good Paying Jobs • Affordable/Workforce Housing • Safe Homes and Neighborhoods Re-elect CASSANDRA REYNOLDS Daytona Beach City Commissioner, Zone 6 Political advertisement paid and approved by Cassandra Reynolds for Daytona Beach City Commissioner, Zone 6