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Omega Allen Mayor Campaign Jacksonville , Florida Black History 2015
Omega Allen represents a different & new breed of government - a government that is once again FOR and BY the PEOPLE with transparency , accountability , and integrity as its foundation . As Mayor , her focus will be REAL downtown development , proper care for Jacksonville ' s homeless population , creating and facilitating increased employment , and improved public transportation .
Appointed by Mayor John Delaney , Omega Allen served as a member of the Northwest Jacksonville Trust Fund Advisory Committee for a decade . She had the distinguished honor of serving as Committee Chair for three years . The Committee administered and approved disbursement of $ 25 million of funding through the Better Jacksonville Plan , which was designated for Economic Development in areas North & West of the St . Johns River . The primary focus of the Committee was to create jobs and enhance business development in the target areas .
As a Certified General Contractor , she has been instrumental in the renovation of commercial property located in Downtown Jacksonville and at the Jacksonville International Airport . As program manager for the City ' s Neighborhood Stabilization Program ( NSP ), with a $ 26.2 million operating budget , Omega Allen provided oversight and direction for the purchase , renovation , and re-sale of more than 100 foreclosed upon properties . The NSP served as a catalyst for revitalizing targeted communities throughout Jacksonville and improving the quality of life for new home homeowners . She was the assistant project manager for the construction of the Aloft Hotel in the River City Market Place . As an educator , Ms . Allen cherished the opportunity to influence young minds and inspire students to achieve great things through higher education . Her focus and ambition is to make a difference in people ' s lives .
Omega Allen holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management and an MBA from Jacksonville University . She is currently pursuing a PhD in Public Administration at Northcentral University . Her professional organization affiliations are The National Center for Construction Education and Research ( NCCER ) - Certified Craft Trainer and the National Association of Minority Contractors - Secretary , Northeast Florida Chapter
• REAL Downtown Development
• Proper Care for Jacksonville ' s Homeless
• Creating and Facilitating Increased Employment
• Improved Public Transportation

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