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of the n-word , which was created to hold blacks in an inferior place in society . As such , this has caused learned helplessness , docility and passivity in the black community , keeping many Blacks cerebrally anesthetized no matter the extent of education attained .
Many Blacks have chosen not to move away from the post , and , frankly , that ' s quite bewildering . How is it that so many in the black community have chosen to remain captive and stationary ? The RIGHT mix of KNOWL­ EDGE , UNDERSTANDING , and WISDOM enables one to move away from that post and toward progress . These three essential components that are necessary for resurrection and empowerment are defined as :
1 ) Knowle�ge : awareness of the facts , truth , and reality . Black Amenca must undo fables , lies and fantasies . Blacks as a people are more committed to fables , lies and fantasy than facts , truth and reality , which is a tremendous problem .
2 ) Understanding : comprehending the " right " knowledge , and manifesting it into action .
3 ) Wisdo n_i
: the optimum combination of knowledge and understandmg expressed in the ability to make things happen .
Acquiring this enlightenment will automatically cause one to deviate from the norm and move away from that post or bond � ge . However , many remain captive because they have consc10usly chosen not to acknowledge and garner the elements needed for resurrection and empowerment .
Until African Americans as a group are ALL free , none are truly free . Need the name Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr . be raised ? Or the 2004 political incident where the Black �aucus was virtually told to be quiet and sit down by a combmed show of force from the Democrat and Republican parties ?
Black America has taken non-black man made doctrines - rat�er , white man made doctrines - as the inflicting rule and gmde over and above facts and reality . Blacks have literally accepted that which does not even make sense as fact and truth .
Escape Self Persisted Captivity Action is Essential H . Lewis Smith Jacksonville , Florida Black History 2015
The modern day equivalent of remaining tied to the post is to verbally acknowledge that you are a n ** ger / n ** ga . The Whoopi Goldbergs , Sherri Shepherds , and Byron Pitts of television land could never publicly deny the n-word and keep their coveted positions . Embracing the word assures them of ac � ept � nce . The irony of it all is that they are not feigning or dorng 1t for show - they truly have accepted their so-called place as the n-word .
When listening to the lyrics of rap music , the n-word is used in the same context with violence , drugs , and misogyny . Rappers such as Jay Z , P . Diddy , Lil Wayne , 50 Cent , and many oth � rs have all benefited exponentially by reassuring the systemic that they are doing their part of keeping Black America in its place and tied to the post . No longer is there a need for the hooded white sheets . Black ventriloquists have voluntarily replaced the KKK , and , to be perfectly honest , are doing a far more masterful job of maintaining the mental enslavement of the Black race .
Black African Americans unhealthy willingness to self-sabotage serves as a testimony to the effectiveness of 400 years of mental abuse ( mind control ). To overcome ! A process that never took place , must and needs to take place ... DE-PRO­ GRAMMING !
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H . Lewis Smith is the founder and president of UVCC , the United Voices for a Common Cause , Inc . ( www . theunitedvoices . com ); a writer for the New England Informer Online , Staff Writer for ThyBlackMan . com , and author of " Bury that Sucka : A Scandalous Love Affair with the N­ Word ". Follow H . Lewis Smith on Twitter : www . twitter . com / thescoopl