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By H . Lewis Smith Guest Columnist
Escape Self Persisted Captivity Action is Essential H . Lewis Smith Jacksonville , Florida Black History 2015
This past February renowned actor Laurence Fishburne narrated a PBS documentary , Slavery By Another Name . The documentary showed that slavery in America did not end in 1865 with the Emancipation Proclamation as the majority of people have been led to believe . Rather , with the federal government ' s quiet complicity , slavery actually ensued for almost another 100 years with all of the evil , horror , and brutal aspects of race-hate escalating to even greater heights .
To maintain the status quo in society , the South ' s judicial system was wholly reconfigured , and one of its primary purposes was to coerce African Americans to comply with the social customs and labor demands of whites by any means necessary . As such , the spirit and ways of life under slavery , as well as the inferior mentalities , also continued ; and now , even at the hand of the Black community .
Whatever " education " and deformed self-image the slave master imposed upon blacks during slavery has persisted , and been handed down - by Blacks - throughout the generations . The continued self-hatred and minute or unfound self awareness that permeates throughout the Black community is a direct result of 400-plus years of mind control .
The mentality or beliefs that the majority of African Americans presently and voluntarily adhere to is the same unfortunate policy of inferiority and self-hatred Blacks were forced to subscribe to when enslaved : Anyone who is convinced his or her past is empty , backward , shameful or , indeed , totally negative , will normally resist any attempt to revisit that past . Such a person will have no true identity , despise self , and have no real awareness of his / her culture and heritage . This same person will refuse to consciously participate in or relate to any cultural customs , and will resist any attempt to validate any " facts " discovered . They remain in the darkness , helpless , and dependent . The doctrine hasn ' t changed one bit .
In order to correct the problem , Blacks must consciously and sub-consciously realize that what they were taught was not for their liberation , but was and still is only in the best interest of the ruling class . History translates into " his-story " - the manner in which one understands or interprets history from his or her own perspective to his or her own benefit .
Today , Blacks are living witnesses as to how real black history has been - by " his-story " - distorted , misleading , deceptive and mind controlling .