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Families Experiencing Teen Abuse and Violence within the Home

Teen Abuse & Violence Laurie Reid Orlando , Florida Black History 2015

Child to Parent Violence

The silent topic of teen abuse and violence toward a parent or guardian is an all too common family secret requiring an understanding that is different from traditional domestic violence theories . Adolescent to Parent Abuse , internationally known as Child to Parent Violence is a complex family and public health domestic violence problem . Stories from parents who are willing to speak about their abuse reveal the pain of victims who must by law care for their abuser . Understandably so , parents are often exhausted , carry deep grief as victims , feel shock at experiencing their child ' s abusive lashing out , and become isolated in shame and blame with nowhere to turn for understanding or help .
Our daughter has taken away our basic human need of safety within our home . We sleep behind locked doors because of her parental abuse ." -Breaking the Cycle Parent
Our Breaking the Cycle Family Program provides both parents and youth the time to grow together in their understanding of abuse . Together through 10 highly relational . psychoeducational group sessions , both acquired a variety of skills and concepts that strengthen them in this challenging area of life . BTC acknowledges parents as experts in their own families . Youth face their behaviors with accountability and without minimizing , justifying or denying their disrespectful and abusive actions . Participants forge the bonds of familial respect as they face their struggles of disrespect , abuse and violence . Together , parents and youth create shared goals for improving respect and decreasing abuse .
Our current work brings healing to families suffering from parental abuse by adolescent and equips parents , juvenile justice and child welfare agencies with research-based practices that provide results . Ultimately , our innovative approach transforms lives of families who once feared for their safety by their aggressive teen .
Together we can break the Cycle of Child to
Breaking the Cycle Consulting , Inc . is certified by the State of Florida as Minority , Women and Service disabled Veteran Small operating in Central Florida .
We believe Child to Parent Violence is a form of domestic
J.f violence requiring an understanding that is different from traditional intimate partner theories .

f We envision HOPE for families and communities impacted L by this silent epidemic .

We offer private , consultative , collaborative , and experif ence professional services to agencies , communities and L parents .

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