Program Success Barack Obama Special Edition - Page 4

IN THIS ISSUE MAY 2015 WWW.PROGRAMSUCCESS.NET (386)334-0040 14 FEATURES 3 STORY COVER ALL CHURCH INSURANCE Article By: Evelyn Ray-Rogers “Your Church’s insurance needs to protect your assets and provide liability coverage for your Pastors, Deacons, Trustees and Members... ” 5 OBA MA A GREAT What’s Eating You? 7 BARACK WILLIAM & KING Using Food to Cope with Stress AMERICAN PRESIDENT 31 9 B.B KING 10 get the tools to help you transition 13 Life Lessons from a Defense Attorney 22 what a realtor can do for you 23 Gene Disorders 25 obama judges 29 LEON BING PUBLISHERS EDITORIAL | Darryl A. Barrs, Sr. Gone Never Forgotten By: Dr. Amacita Gibson By: Regina Nunnally By: Buenita Carter Lee By: Dr. Charles E. Simmons A Forgotten Mother PROGRAM SUCCESS MAGAZINE PAGE: 4| MAY 2015 27 SUPPORTING THE ADVENTURES OF MOXIE GIRL A STORY OF PERSONAL TRIUMPH AND DISCOVER OF NATALIE MCGRIFF