Program Success Barack Obama Special Edition - Page 31

THE OBAMA IN YOU Darryl A. Barrs, Sr. Publisher/Managing Editor The recent surge of Barack Obama into mainstream America as President has been great. He has given us as African Americans a new hope. Many of us echoed the sentiments of Michelle Obama who stated she has never been more proud of her country her entire adult life. For the first time in a long time, we all feel there are great possibilities for the advancement of us all. There maybe a chance the glassceiling will be lifted. Maybe organized racism is no longer fashionable to wear as a badge of honor. Maybe it is that the table of ascendancy in life has become convivial to all regardless to race, greed, sexual orientation, and/or past rejections. Obama is hope. Because of his success, all of us are looking in the closet and pulling out suitcases of talent we have long packed away. The bell of opportunity without notice is suddenly ringing as a surprise to us all. Those of us who have been diligently working toward a positive future are ready and in place. Those who were discourage by the dark clouding of the struggle and sat in apathy eating the malnutrition diet of television and drinking the poisonous filth of music produced by a society without the slimmest sight of hope, of course are totally unprepared for this moment in time. I am reminded of the Bible story Jesus told us of the Talents where upon traveling on a journey, a man dispersed talents (a portion of money) to his servants. To one he gave five talents, to another three, and another one. Then the man, the Bible s