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SUPPORTING THE ADVENTURES OF MOXIE GIRL A STORY OF PERSONAL TRIUMPH AND DISCOVER OF NATALIE MCGRIFF W hen 7 year old Natalie and her mother Angie wrote the comic book “The Adventures of Moxie Girl” they created a foundation for a social movement that focuses on issues of personal challenge and discovery. The Crowd Funding venue One Spark was the setting for what would become a whirlwind of speaking, handshaking, elaborating on who and whom Moxie Girl is; photo-shoots, meeting a Jacksonville Jaguar, meeting Mayor Alvin Brown, talking with supporters and those in the news media. Her mission became a passion for social justice and c ommunity activism, Natalie is an icon for local and national change for Black girls and all girls. Exclaiming proudly that #BlackGirlsRock, ‪#‎MoxieGirl #‎BlackGirlMagic The One Spark event is just a stepping stone for the continued adventures of not just “Moxie Girl” who has created a following on Social Media that is growing digitally viral. Angie Nixon the mother of Natalie is already ingrained in the Jacksonville community by her passion for issues of social consciousness and community activism. Raising her daughter Natalie to be a strong independent thinker, self-conscious of her abilities and talents, understand the value of education and proud of her own unique blessed gifts that will elevate her no matter what she endeavors to do. These are the qualities that Black mothers and other mothers of culture need to birth in their girls. Angie is a blueprint for motherhood that tirelessly strives to build, rebuild, define and re-define the self-image in her daughter that defies the media execution of Black girls and girls of color. Black girls are intelligent, talented, gifted and possesses a natural self-awareness that is positive and healthy. This can be seen in Natalie who wears this as a badge of honor and encouragement for other girls. Like scaling a mountain Angie and Natalie are taking one step at a time with a few leaps and bounds to continue their journey of self-awareness and self-discovery. “The Adventures of Moxie Girl” a comic book based on a little Black girl that hated her kinky hair and after using some magical shampoo, her Afro puffs become her super powers used to save the Jacksonville Public Libraries from being eaten by monsters. She turns her insecurities into super powers that fight evil. THE ADVENTURES“ ”OF MOXIE GIRL Stated by Angie about the comic book; “I decided to help Natalie write this book because she was having self-esteem issues regarding her hair and she hated to read. She now realizes how powerful and awesome her hair is (there are the occasional rough days) and that in order for her to write a cool book, she needs to read more books and learn different words.” These are concrete examples that show parents the importance of reading, writing, literacy and comprehension. The value of parental guidance and support to create strong readers in their children. BLOG ON MOXIE GIRL: the-adventures-of-moxie-girl/ Facebook: Instagram: Email: [email protected], [email protected] Phone: (904)601-7103 27 | PROGRAM SUCCESS MAGAZINE PAGE: TATYANA MAGAZINE PAGE: 27 | JANUARY MAY 2014 2015