Program Success August 2014 - Page 31

The Power of Praise The beginning of last month, I received an email from a lady that expressed her gratitude for us making the Program Success Magazine available to read free of charge. She stated how she anticipated its launch each month and how she reads it cover to cover and how it improved her live in many areas. That same day, one of our advertiser call me and thank me for the positive outlook The Program Success Magazine provides to the community and expressed the amount of business he has received from advertising in the Magazine. Then, later that very same day, a lady who was profiled in an article, call me to say thanks and show appreciation. Of course, my concern was, is this the last day of my life? Am I about to die? Then I realized quite the contrary. My world is not coming to an end; I’m just suffering like so many of us, from the lack of positive reinforcement and recognizable appreciation in light of the many negative things that burdens our lives. This negative economic is not good. The unemployment rate is too high. Our schools are under-funded. Our businesses are failing. War crisis around the world are being mishandled. The Sexual Misconduct in our Churches is growing. Government Mistrust is at an all-time high. World Peace exists only in our prayers. These are a just few of the negative things that negatively affect our lives daily. We must be careful today, however, with all the negative things that are going on around us that we not negate all that is positive. There are a lot of things that are positive going on in our homes, on our job, at church, with our children, and in the community, despite that which is evidentially negative. It seems that the roar of all that is negative reduces the cry of that which is positive to a whisper. When we only focus and take to heart the negative, it frown our face, burdens our heart, bitters our coffee, dims our view, shorten our lunch, limited our friends, and causes us to click our heals together and wish for any-place but home. The pain and sorrow of negativity is the same pain and sorrow the body experiences from a hurt toe, tooth or finger. Your whole life seems inhibited, as does your body from the pain of one of these feeble members. Yet, there is so many more body parts that are not hurting, which is good, and a fact that is worthy of celebration and a fact that should producing comfort and cheer… instead the pain of the toe, tooth or finger garnishes all the attention. There is a woman at work who is never late and never causes you to raise your voice at her, yet she is overlooked because too much of your attention is paid to those always late, those too loud, and those in constant needs of nudging. There is a man who always has a kind word, yet his words never brighten your day because your mind is preoccupied with the things that didn’t go your way. There is a waitress at your favorite restaurant that has never gotten your order wrong, makes sure your guest is treated properly and that your time allocations are met. Yet, she’s never attributed a word that makes her know you realize her person and not just her service. There is a Deacon who makes sure you are visited even when you’re not sick, yet his visits are unappreciated because of your disappointment over the Pastor not coming. There is a child at home who may not think to do everything you think he/she should, yet your child is honest, decent, respectable, and makes you proud in areas you never take time to mention. Words of encouragement and appreciation add years to our lives. They are the seeds planted that yields a continuance harvest. The power of praise fuels stellar mechanisms. Let’s not ever assume that which is functional needs no exactit Ց