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Business Basics 101 : Five wavs to Enhance Your Personal and Professional Image

In order to distinguish yourself from the masses it is essential to commit to the never ending process of personal enhancement . This spans far beyond mere physical appearance , exhibiting the essence of your innermost being and every aspect of social interacting . It is imperative to be intentional in creating an impactful first and lasting impression . Let ' s cover five fabulous ways to shine and be seen in 2013 :
1 ) Present a Polished Appearance :
We must consider ourselves as walking billboards constantly communicating a prolific message to onlookers . What does your personal appearance state about you as a leader , mother , father , business owner etc .? Is it a true representation of that which you desire to convey to the public ? As you shift mentally it is important to redesign your wardrobe to illuminate your most prominent features in the best light . In my field of Aesthetics , I have found that one of the most neglected areas of the body are the hands and the feet . The goal is not perfection but excellence and details define the distinction . It all boils down to these three things : look good , feel good and smell good .
2 ) Project Self Confidence :
I remember when I was a young girl and my mother would perform regular fittings in preparation of making me new clothes . Two of her famous lines , " Stand up straight ! and " Stop Slouching !" As a woman , I now understand correct posture not only makes me a couple of inches taller on the outside but on the inside as well . When you enter a room with erect posture it instantly sends a silent message of commanding presence . It is an internal position that communicates I deserve to be in this space at this divine moment in time .
3 ) Develop Impactful Communication Skills :
There was a time in my life where I was extremely timid and lacked the courage to express my thoughts openly especially in public settings . In order to become a bold communicator you must first believe you are a person of infinite worth . Secondly , understand as a leader you have a moral obligation to impart what you have learned . Thirdly , assertively recognize the experiences and knowledge you possess will be a catalyst of change in someone ' s life . You were not created to be a wallflower but a breathtaking centerpiece for all to stand in awe of your exquisite beauty .
4 ) Establish Online Presence :
Currently , over 2 billion people are utilizing the internet for business and personal relations . If you are not marketing online as well as offline the potential for additional influence and revenue is left unrealized . The internet has countless intellectual real estate options available for the smallest budgets to the largest . Everywhere you place creative and informative content on the internet creates brand value . It is time for you to show up if you want to go up !
5 ) Professional Business Card :
As you develop your brand image by defining your message , identifying your target market , creating products and services , ultimately your business card will act as a key for unlocking potential business opportunities and partnerships . In many cases , your business card will be your lasting impression and you want it to be memorable .
When I first started as an entrepreneur many moons ago , I remember designing a card on my home computer . It was printed on flimsy tan colored paper . I was proud of my new company and I had no idea of industry standards as it related to what a professional business card should look like . Fast forward today , my business card is printed on high quality gloss paper ready to be disseminated in a moment ' s notice . One of my favorite quotes by Theodore Roosevelt , " Do what you can , with what you have , where you are ." If you are proud of who you are and what you represent , then definitely show it !
As you commit to evolving into a better you every day , I encourage you to become a person of motion . There is no need to despise the day of small beginnings because the joy is in the journey . In the words of Les Brown , " Some people let things happen to them . You have the power to make things happen !"
I charge you to step out from behind the curtains of obscurity onto the stage of prominence to give the performance of a lifetime . Your courage will cause the universe to extend a standing ovation for daring to shine bright like a diamond in the night .
Kristie Kennedy , Women ' s Empowerment Speaker www . kristiekennedy . com