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Amber Turner Darby Autor Xerox Minority Scholarship Science & Engineering Jacksonville , Florida August 2014
Lauren Joichin Nile Racism , Attorney , Author Jacksonville , Florida August 2014
Bookcover and author Amber Turner Darby
Amber Turner Darby grew up in Prince Georges County , MD and has overcome some learning challenges that she had prior to elementary school up until the 8th grade .
Amber kept pushing through and passed those challenges until she became a member of the National Junior Honor Society . She graduated from Riverdale Baptist School in Upper Marlboro , MD as a member of the National Honor Society and is now a published author at the tender age of 18 .
Amber will be heading off to start her freshmen year of college in a few weeks as a Creative Writing major . Her first book of The Vase trilogy is The Vase : Change of Fate .
She would like to encourage teens , young adults and anyone else who might have experienced some challenges to never stop pressing forward regardless of what people say about you . She comments , " You can overcome those challenges just like I did ."
Ambers book will be available for purchase on August 23rd for $ 17 and is also available on Apple iBooks , BarnesandNoble . com , and soon to be available on Amazon . com . Book signing at 3pm .
Bring the kids to " Meet the Author " at 11 am on Saturday , August 23rd at the South Bowie Branch Library , 15301 Hall Rd , Bowie , MD 20721 . ( Parent or guardian must remain with the child / children at all times .)
For additional information , send an email to thevasebook @ gmail . com or contact her publicisUDad at 301-502-6629 .


Technical Minority Scholarship
The 2014-2015 Xerox Technical Minority Scholarship will provide funding to minority students enrolled in one of the technical sciences or engineering disciplines . The scholarship amount award depends on the student ' s tuition balance , academic excellence and classification .
Applicants must be academic high-achievers with a GPA average of 3.0 or better and must be US citizens or visaholding Permanent Residents of African American , Asian , Pacific Island , Native American , Native Alaskan , or Hispanic descent .
Award amounts range from $ 1,000 to $ 10,000 , and applicants must be enrolled as a full time undergraduate or graduate student in any of the following technical fields : Chemistry , Computing & Software Systems , Information Management , Material Science , Printing Management Science , Laser Optics , Physics , Material Science , and all forms of Engineering - including Software Engineering .
All applications must be submitted by Tuesday , September 30 , 2014 .
For more details , visit : www . scholarshioson Ii ne . org / 2012 / 03 / xerox-tech n icalm i nority-scholarsh i o . htm I
To search hundreds of other 2014-2015 scholarships , visit : www . ScholarshipsOnline . org
Lauren Joichin Nile
In RACE : My Story & Humanity s Bottom Line , respected trainer , keynote speaker and attorney Lauren Joichin Nile describes her personal experiences with racism , the source and beginning of biological race among human beings , the biological oneness of humanity , many tragedies of our racial past , the reality of our racial present and what the human species needs to do to move into a future beyond racism , of empathy and compassion .
" I would love the book to open as many minds and soften as many hearts as is humanly possible for the heightened consciousness and ultimate evolution beyond racism , of the entire human species ," Nile said .
Racism has affected every stage of the author s life . Nile experienced segregation during her childhood in New Orleans , before the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 , and as an adult , she has been the recipient of many racial indignities . Her stories and those of others are detailed in the book .
" All of my experiences as an African American have inspired me to write this book , those of growing up under segregation as a child , the lessons of love and understanding which the African American adults in my life taught me during that time , experiencing the ways in which the Civil Rights Act of 1964 radically changed the lives of African Americans both emotionally and practically , my experiences of racism as an adult , the profound lessons I have learned as a diversity trainer , and my deep friendships with my European American friends who are conscious , compassionate and true allies ," Nile commented .
In RACE : My Story & Humanity s Bottom Line , Nile offers concrete suggestions for how humanity can indeed take our critical next step beyond racism .
Clarion Review : " RACE , which is both electrified by Nile s personal revelations and bolstered by its careful historicity , stands to make important contributions to extant conversations about race in America .
To read the first chapter of RACE , visit : www . bookdaily . com / book / 4368117 / race-my-story-humanity-sbottom-line ; or www . LaurenNile . com & www . RaceĀ­ TheRealTruth . com for more information .
About the Book : Race : My Story & Humanity s Bottom Line By Lauren Joichin Nile ISBN : 978-1-49170-309-0 Available in softcover , hardcover , e-book Available on Amazon . com , Barnes & Noble . com and iUniverse . com
About the Author : Lauren Joichin Nile is an author , keynote speaker , trainer , and licensed attorney . She has 24 years of experience speaking at conferences and facilitating workshops in the areas of workplace diversity , leadership , communication , temperament theory , conflict resolution , workplace etiquette and others .