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Data clearly show many young people have a desperate need for positive role models . The most compelling data describe changes to the American family structure ; the number of single-parent homes has dramatically increased , as have two-parent working families . There is significant evidence that there is a lack adequate family support among the children most likely to fail . Mentoring provides student support . Let ' s talk about getting it done !
We have the support of Teachers , Local Unions , the Juvenile Justice Systems , current School Board Leaders , Florida Gulf Coast University , Community Business Leaders , and Big Brothers and Big Sisters . Yes ! There is a lot of support for evidence based mentoring programs in Lee County .
We Need Your Support
With your help this is a program that we will implement within 6 months of the election and yields tangible benefits the very first year of operation . More importantly the program can be scaled to grow throughout the county and Florida , dramatically improving many communities , cultures and the way of life we enjoy here in Florida .
If We Don ' t Act Now , the Costs are Staggering !
• Florida currently spends in excess of $ 2.05 Billion tax payer dollars a year to incarcerate citizens . Florida Statute dictates that secure detention costs for pre-committed youth are the responsibility of the youth ' s county of residence .
• The state of Florida found that youth participating in Redirection Programs had better outcomes than comparable youth placed in residential facilities .
• The Lee County directed mentoring programs would reduce the number of juveniles entering the juvenile justice system every year .
According to recent polls , the battle is long and the opposition is determined to keep things the way they have always been .
We need your help by going to the website www . VoteArvellaClare . com
Make a donation today , visit our Facebook page and friend us so we can keep you up to date on new developments . Time is short ; the election is August 26 , 2014 .
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1832 Hancock Bridge Pkwy * Cape Coral , n. 33990 239-246-0940 votearvellaclare @ gmail . com www . votearvellaclare . com