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Take 10 Seconds And Think What Your Most Valuable ASSET Is .

Ok Times up . What came to mind ? Did you think of your house , Car , Savings Account , Stocks , Some Collectible item you may have ? All of these things are wonderful , but really your most valuable asset is you . Its your ability to earn that buys the house , cars , pays the utilities and buys groceries .
So what happens if that ability to earn is interrupted . How long can you maintain your standard of living without depleting savings ?
Income Disability Insurance - AKA : Paycheck Insurance .
In the U . S . 1 out of every 17 becomes disabled . 1 in 3 workers will experience 90 days of disability over their working years , with the average disability payout lasting about 13 months .
Policies can also be structured to pay back all premiums paid over the policy period minus any claims when the policy ends . This policy feature is called Return of Premium ( ROP ).
Disability Insurance can be purchased by Part-Time Employees , Stay-At-Hhome Spouse , people running a home based business , just name a few . Disability policies purchased away from employment can be structured to pay out in addition to any other disability insurance you may have at work even workmen ' s comp .

Disability policies can be tailored to fit varying needs . A disability policy can be set to pay out monthly payments all the way to age 65 . Payouts can be set to pay out as fast as 7 days following sickness or injury . u


Life ' s Uncertaincies !
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