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Publisher ' s Editorial Daryl A . Barrs Is the Lord Amongst Us or Not ? Jacksonville , Florida April 2015

Darryl A . Barrs , Sr .

Publisher /M anaging Editor

Is the Lord Amongst Us or Not ?

Today our country is engulfed in decision making that will inevitably affect and change our prospective by others and our position in history . It is a good time today for us as a Black people to reflect and regroup to intentionally reposition our status in America , the world , and in history for the better . Let ' s be real with where we are and where we need to be .
As a People , there are many of us who have faired well . We own businesses , live in affluent neighborhoods , and have membership in prestigious clubs . You might even say , these people have for themselves a reserved seat at the " table of success ." Be not deceived my friends , those of us who have achieved high levels of success and are privileged to special inner circles , are viewed by Whites as being " Special " and " Different ." Interpretation ... you are still Black - but your special-ness and difference means that your accomplishment don ' t count nor attributed to the status of regular Blacks , it is therefore discounted just as a teacher cast out the very high score on the grading curve .
The White community does not accept us individually but as a whole . Whatever connotation applies to Blacks as a whole applies to you regardless of your financial success and level of achievement in life . When Black are seen on the news throwing people out of cars , beating the elderly , and portrayed as salvages , that stroke of the brush paints us all . Fair or not , we succeed as a group , as one race of people . We were one in Africa , one in slavery , one in the civil rights , still one today - all good or all bad .
Blacks today must accept the same challenges as other races do . We must love one another . Do for one another . Help and encourage one another . Patronize one another . Help to improve one another . Only our ability to build our communities , raise properly our children , save and multiply our money , and solve our own problems will ensure us a seat , as a people , at the table of success . Let ' s get busy .
Let improve our Businesses . There was a time in our history when our businesses strived . Mainly because we had no other choice but to do business with one another because of segregation . Integration proved that we couldn ' t wait to give our money to anyone other then ourselves . For years we have done just that . In the business community it is rumored that the first million dollars anyone makes , regardless of race or foreign origin , is in the Black ity , money g " v n by Black people .
We brag of the trillions of dollars Blacks have as an economic impact , not realizing we are laughed at by the world for doing so little to help ourselves . The Black dollar barely circulates once in the Black community before leaving to go to other communities , while other communities circulates their money seven to ten times among their own people .. It ' s time for us to support one another . Make it a point to spend your money with someone Black . It may not be convenient , but it ' s essential for the success of our community . You may not eat lunch at a Black restaurant everyday , but at lease twice a week make it a point to do so . Seek out a Black mechanic , a Black printer , a Black accountant , a Black realtor , a Black painter , a Black yardman , a Black doctor , and so forth .
Let us invest in Black businesses , not the stock market . Wall Street don ' t need our money . There are many Black businesses in our communities that we can invest our money in and even receive greater dividend . As a people we have been trained to educate ourselves for the sole purpose of getting a job . We need more of our young people using their expertise to start businesses , become self employed and employing other Blacks . However , this becomes impossible without the investments of older and more successful Blacks , who may have worked traditional jobs for years , and now have the financial means . Banking Institutions will give a Black man $ 40,000 for a car but won ' t give him $ 40,000 to start a business . The car cost you money and keeps you further in bondage , while the business makes you money and liberates you and your family .
Let ' s improve our position in Politics . The election of President Obama was not the end , just a new beginning . We need more Corrine Browns elected . Blacks who are not afraid to lay it on the line for what is right and conducive for our betterment as a people . Corrine Brown ' s slogan is that she delivers and she really does . Because of it , she is slandered daily by the media and her opponents . Let ' s support her more by rallying in great numbers to the causes she fights for us . Let ' s make it a mandate to register to vote and a mission to vote in numbers in every election .