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The Bob Hayes Invitational Track and Field Meet was organized in the spring of 1964 with Douglas Anderson High School in the Southside serving as the host and Northwestern High School in the Northside area serving as the running site .
At that time , originator Nathaniel S . Washington , Sr . was Athletic Director , Head Coach and Track Coordinator for the five black high schools in the county , namely : New Stanton , Matthew W Gilbert , Douglas Anderson , Northwestern , and Stanton Vocational High School .
Nat Washington was a close friend of Bob Hayes father and knew Bob as a student at Matthew W Gilbert School where Washington was coaching before transferring to Douglas Anderson High School .
When Hayes returned to the States on his way home to Jacksonville , Nat Washington phoned Bob and extended the congratulations of the City of Jacksonville , all the Jacksonville Coaches and friends of Bob . He then asked Bob for his permission to sponsor and name a track meet in his honor for his world accomplishment in track . That permission was granted .

Bob Hayes Invitational Track and Field Meet

For the past four decades the Bob Hayes Invitational Track Meet has been a focal point for young track and field participants from the southeastern United States . For those too young to remember , Bob Hayes was the Florida A & M sprinter that was dubbed " Bullet Bob " for his dominance of the sprints from 60 to 100 yards .
Hayes , who came to the world ' s attention in 1964 , was the first person to run 100 yards in 9.1 seconds and also held the world record for sixty yards at 5.9 seconds . He was awarded two gold medals in the 1964 Olympics . A muscular 5 feet eleven inches and 190 pounds , Hayes also excelled in football and is a member of the NFL Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor .
Bob Hayes Invitational Track and Field Meet Ralph Boston , Dr . Theresa B . Hodges Jacksonville , Florida April 2015
Bob Hayes Invitational Track Meet Founders Left to Right : Charles " Bobby " Grover , Jimmy Johnson , Willie Richardson ( Deceased ), James Day , Meet Director / Developer , Robert " Bob " Hayes , ( Deceased ), Edwin Lawson , Nathaniel Washington , Originator , and Earl Kitchings ( Not Shown ) Oliver Walker .