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Dr . Lance McCarthy Renaissance Man , Economic Development Los Angeles , California , Florida April 2015

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SOLVE EC D ND MIC PR DBL EMS w1TH Social Solutions ''

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Dr . Lance -Renaissance Man , continues the plight for our people on a national and global scale . I am fortunate to be 25 % academic and 75 % deals . I love doing research but my heart is in developing projects that have economic impact . We have to move from the Civil Rights Agenda to the Economic Rights Agenda .
Dr . Lance McCarthy is working to make life better for all people and his specialty is Economic Development . We all want to make more money and be the captain of our own ship . Throughout the years , Dr . Lance has developed time tested success programs that has produced results ... helping people become more economic successful .
VENTURE DRAFT -Dr . Lance created a conference for GEEKS and JOCKS . This conference connected Athletes , Venture Capitalist and Technology together . It is an Athlete Shark Tank hosted by Damien Johns from Shark Tank . Dr . Lance illustrated how we can leverage athletes ' wealth and technology to create jobs in Urban America .
BLACK SILICON VALLEY - Dr . Lance created this 100,000 sq . ft . facility that is the first national incubator accelerator this size for Black Tech Firms in America . Dr . Lance speaks at the Silicon Valley Project and Wall Street Project sharing information on how Black Tech Firms and Diversity in Silicon Valley will help rebuild Urban America
FERGUSON 1000 -as a result of the Ferguson unrest Dr . Lance created this initiative to create 1,000 jobs in Ferguson and surrounding areas as a solution . Harvard asked him to come and consult with them as they plan to develop a Ferguson Boys and Girls Club . People were hired on the spot at their HIRING EVENT vs a traditional JOB FAIR .
TED TALK -Dr . Lance became one of the few African Americans to give a TED TALK on Technology . This national acclaim speech gives an historical perspective on Technology and African Americans . TED TALK is now in 140 countries and Dr . Lance talk will be seen globally .
WALL STREET TO THE HOOD Economic Solutions to Ferguson and Urban America This book profiles all the research Dr . Lance has done over the years in all areas of the economy .
FAITH BASED INSITUTUE - Dr . Lance Founded this institute to assist in helping urban Churches across the country . He also consults one of the largest charities in the world , the Catholic Church Lay Organization .
ART-ART FOR LIFE , At the Annual Russell Simmon Art Event , Dr . Lance commissioned an Artist Robinson to paint an Art for Life P • painting represented all shapes an American women with a rib survivors of Cancer . H Russell Simmons Tyler Perry , Sa Anne