Program Directions - Page 5

Retention Program how our retention program works: EDGE SOFTWARE USER Directions to Manually Place a Birthday or Anniversary Order NON-EDGE SOFTWARE USER Directions to Automatically Send Birthday or Anniversary Orders Open Edge Print Marketing Section Go to Website 01 STEP • From your Edge Software, click Customer > Print Marketing > Order Now • Click "Filter by Group" and check box for postcard group • Click "Postcard Design" drop-down arrow and highlight desired mailer 01 STEP • Click "Products" tab at top navigation bar, then select Anniversary or Birthday category • From the Product Page of the mailer you selected, click "UPLOAD OWN LIST" to be redirected to Online Post Office Enter Promo Offer and Disclaimer Enter Online PO and Prepare List 02 STEP • Enter your "Promotional Offer" and "Disclaimer" as you want it to read on your direct mailer • Select "Postage Class" • Click "Customer Criteria" to identify those customers that will receive a direct mailer 02 STEP • Enter your Program Key • Enter Direct Mailer Contact Details and select Postage Class • Click "Download Recipient List Template" and prepare you list exactly as instructed • Click "I Agree" Set Date Range for Occasion Select "Upload your own list" 03 STEP • Our program automatically selects the proper "Results" criteria for each mailer selected • Click the "Dates" tab at the top and make sure "Birthday" or "Anniversary" is selected underneath "Occasion" 03 STEP • Click "Browse" button and upload your properly formatted Birthday or Anniversary list • Data fields will automatically map. Please note it is OK that some fields won't be "Matched" • Click "Save", then "Next" button Select Additional Customer Criteria Data Quality Options and Review 04 STEP • Then, select the range of your customers’ Birthdays or Anniversaries that will be sent a direct mailer • Select additional criteria like “Amt Spent” to further segment your customers 04 STEP • Important: On the Data Quality Options page, be sure the "Remove Duplicates" and "By Address" are both checked • Click "Next" to review the options you selected • Review your options, click "Next" Review Store Info and Generate List Payment Page 05 STEP • Click OK twice to verify that your store info that will be populated onto your mailers is accurate • A list will generate that fits the criteria set. The total number of pieces appears at top • Gender guesses are tinted green 05 STEP • Please note you are responsible for the charges associated with the weekly mailings from your Birthday or Anniversary list • You are purchasing your Data Quality Service only. Additional Printing + Mailing charges apply Click "Check All" Button at Top Right Payment Page 06 STEP • “De-select” those customers on your list that you don’t want to send a direct mailer to • The final # of mailers and the total $ of your order will display and an Order Confirmation email will be sent summarizing your order 06 STEP • Please note the Birthday or Anniversary dates from your list for the next scheduled mailing • Any records with a date prior to this will be scheduled for delivery next year instead and you will be responsible for pmt. Invoice and Charges Invoice and Charges 07 STEP • Your order will be electronically sent to our digital printer. We will process, print, and mail your order per our production schedule. • You will receive an Order Invoice and your credit card on file will be charged Denotes Important Step 07 STEP • An Order Confirmation email will be sent weekly summarizing the # of pcs. mailed and the total dollar amount. • You will receive a weekly Order Invoice and your credit card on file will be charged for this amount 4