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Jumbo-Sized Welcome to the Neighborhood Card PRODUCT ID: WX1 WELCOME NEW MOVERS A precisely timed direct mailer sent to new movers in your local community can change someone's shopping patterns for years. Our New Mover program helps you turn more of these prospects into loyal customers! UNIQUELY PERSONALIZED with your customer's last name engraved on the key chain! now you can market to all the right customers near your store. With our ease-of-ordering, ability to find the right customers using our geo-targeting tools, no minimum print and list purchase quantities, and free professional designs, it's no wonder expensive ad agencies don't want you to know about us. Our new retention and acquisition programs make it simple for your store to connect with current and prospective new customers, drive traffic, and increase purchases - all with just a few clicks of your mouse. SELECT POSTAL ROUTES where the affluent neighborhoods are located near your store. Celebrate May 14th, 2017 No influence is so powerful as that of a Mother. MATCHING EMAIL & SOCIAL MEDIA to connect with more customers. Jumbo-Sized Mother's Day Card with Matching Email PRODUCT ID: MX15 REACH EVERY CUSTOMER IN THE NEIGHBORHOODS THAT MATTER MOST TO YOU. Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to do so. Use our powerful geo-targeting tool to target the neighborhoods near your store that will be the most receptive to your message. KEY FEATURES Ease-of-ordering No minimum print quantities Free professional creative designs Unique personalizations Turn-key program No set-up or maintenance fees 1 easy, affordable and effective marketing for jewelers