Program Directions - Page 11

Custom Design Program now you can add your own headlines, body copy, and images to our designs. LOW 1,000 PCS. MINIMUM PRINT QUANTITIES for custom design postcards. Mark, It’s OUR Store Anniversary but you’re getting all the treats Saturday, November 8th, 2018 6:00pm to 9:00pm WITH OUR CUSTOM DESIGN PROGRAM, you can take any of our design templates (see left) and... ...CUSTOMIZE WITH YOUR OWN HEADLINE, BODY COPY AND JEWELRY IMAGE so you can communicate exactly what you want and showcase the jewelry image(s) of your choice (see below)! WHY CUSTOMIZE YOUR MAILER? Found a design template, but it doesn't quite communicate exactly what you want? We have the answer! Our new custom design program allows you to select any of our professional designs and add your own headlines and body copy as well as showcase your own jewelry pieces so that your final designed mailer will communicate exactly what you want. Jumbo-Sized Store Anniversary Customized Card PRODUCT ID: CS3 HOW OUR CUSTOM DESIGN PROGRAM WORKS: 1. On the website, preview our 600+ professionally designed mailers and select the mailer you want to customize 2. From the Product Page of the mailer you selected, click "Customize" underneath "Online Post Office" options 3. Use your Edge ID (for Edge Software Users only) or Program Key (for Non-Edge Users) and your initial password assigned to you in order to enter our Marketing Hub (call 770-937-0735 if you need help with your login credentials) 4. Click "Customized Postcards" category 5. Click on any of our 24 Postcard groups 6. Select the Product ID that you want to customize 7. Upload your mailing list (1,000 pcs. minimum list order size). Lists can be purchased directly from the website (Select "Services" at top navigation bar, then "Mailing Lists" to use our geo-targeting tool to identify customers and purchase your list) 8. Map your data file fields to the template fields (you should not need to change anything) 9. Customize your product design, then click "Add to Cart" to check-out 10