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New Mover Program families moving into homes in your community are valuable new customers. NO MINIMUM PRINT QUANTITIES on all our "Welcome to the Neighborhood" postcards. UNIQUE PERSONALIZATION, with your city name and customer's last name engraved on key chain, breaks-through the clutter. Jumbo-Sized "Welcome to the Neighborhood" Card PRODUCT ID: WX1 CUSTOMIZED PROMO OFFER on all our new mover postcards to drive store traffic. Customer's last name engraved into key chain! WHY EXECUTE A NEW MOVER PROGRAM? New movers are actively looking to build local relationships while settling into their new communities. Feeling at home is essential to these households; they are spending more money procuring home goods, services, and utilities as well as other products, like jewelry, that they may have frequently purchased prior to moving. Since these customers haven't formed relationships yet with community retailers, their loyalties and trust haven't formed yet either - which provides you a unique opportunity to turn this group into regular customers before your competitors get to them. By targeting this fresh, new group of high-value prospects each and every month, our program can help you acquire new customers and grow your business to new heights. HOW OUR NEW MOVER PROGRAM WORKS: 1. Under "Products" tab, select "Welcome to the Neighborhood" category, select design, and on Product Page click "Purchase a List" 2. Fill-out Online Post Office information and click "I Agree" to go to our geo-targeting tool 3. Click "Generate a targeted direct mail list" 4. Click "Radius around an address" and enter your store address 5. Underneath "Database Type" select "New Mover" and for "Search Field" select "Unique Addresses Only", keep "Yes" for "Search Value", then click + 6. Click "Search Field" again and select "Number of Days Old", enter "30" in "Search Value", then click + "WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD" PROGRAM BY THE NUMBERS 20% According to the US Census Bureau, 17-20% of the population moves each year. 5X Studies show that new movers are five times more likely to become loyal customers compared to a settled household. $170 New movers spend more on average in their first six months than a typical consumer does in three years. 50% New movers are 8-50% more responsive to direct mailers compared to settled households. 72 New movers to your neighborhood typically develop 72+ new business relationships shortly after they move. 38-42 New movers are young and affluent by income group. A typical mover is 38-42 years old with an above average income. 9 easy, affordable and effective marketing for jewelers