TOP 50 MARITIME WOMEN IN NIGERIA Celebrating the amazons of Nigeria's maritime sector W omen have played a very key role in the g r o w t h a n d development of Niger ia's maritime sector in recent years. Their presence and contribution to the growth of the sector have been felt beyond the shores of Nigeria. In fact, the world has been celebrating Nigerian women in the maritime sector whose exploits in mar itime law, administration, port operations, seaf ar ing, engineer ing and even operations of heavy cargo handling equipment, have attracted global applause. Niger ian women have demystified the mar itime sector hitherto regarded as highly technical and tasking, and therefore a no go area for wo m e n . I n re c e n t ye a r s , women have made in-road into t h e s e c t o r, e s t a b l i s h e d themselves firmly there, and today bestride the sector like a colossus. They are, indeed, real amazons. As the world mar itime community celebrates this year's World Maritime Day, we feel there is no better time than now to celebrate Nigeria's women in the maritime sector. We have showcased 50 of them who have distinguished themselves in their various areas of operation, and have brought honour and respect to Nigeria in the process. We therefore invite you to join us as we celebrate the amazons of Nigeria's maritime sector. This special publication of Ships & Ports is a collector's item, a delectable souvenir. It is a thing of beauty, which as the saying goes, is a joy forever. Ships & Ports | 35