Professional Sound - June 2022 - Page 54


Rob Papen RP-Distort 2 Plug-In
Rob Papen has unveiled the RP-Distort 2 , taking the place of its plug-in predecessor .
The original RP-Distort has been upgraded into RP-Distort 2 , with expanded features and a new look . The Distortion module remains at RP-Distort 2 ’ s core , but the new version features 52 distortion types , including Lo-Fi , 2 Band Distortion , Amp / Cab models , and more . It has also been expanded with a four-band Pre-Distort EQ and a four-band Post-Distort EQ with variable frequency and bandwidth control , both of which can be operated graphically or with knobs ( by activating the original RP Distort 1 EQ setting ) and is rounded out with a noise gate . Another addition is the double Wave Shaper editors — having first selected Dual Wave-Shaper as a WaveShaper distortion type — to create custom distortions .
For more information , go to www . robpapen . com .
WildEar MuzicEars Headphones
WildEar s new MusicEarz are designed to be live monitors and listening devices . Users can EQ the MusicEarz to their personal tastes .
The headphones feature proprietary precision balanced armature speakers , a frequency response of 20 Hz to 17k Hz , triple drivers , input sensitivity of 124 dB at 1kHz , 1mW , an Impedance of 17.5 Ohms and a noise reduction rating ( NRR ) of 26 dB .
https :// www . wildear . com .
Cloud Microphones 44 Passive Ribbon Mic
Cloud Microphones has expanded its microphone line with a new passive version of the model 44-A , aiming to replicate the sound and spirit of the RCA Type 44 ribbon microphone .
The ribbon motor design remains true to the original 44 , handcrafted to the specifications first prescribed in the 1930s by RCA ; however , everything else has been upgraded using newer materials , manufacturing processes , and technology . Featuring an all-black “ midnight ” finish , the new passive Cloud 44 is designed to channel the personality and heritage from the past while incorporating the robustness and clarity required for modern recording .
Each Cloud 44 ships with its own Cloudlifter CL-1 mic activator in a matching “ midnight edition ” black finish , giving users the option of instantly converting the 44 to an active ribbon whenever desired . A shock mount is also included .
For more information , contact Hal Leonard : 414-774-3630 , sales @ halleonard . com , www . halleonard . com .