Professional Sound - June 2022 - Page 50


RTW TouchControl 5 Monitor Controller & Audio Meter
RTW has expanded its focus on visualizing audio in broadcast , production , post production , and quality control to now also comprise monitor control with the introduction of TouchControl 5 .
TouchControl 5 is a monitor controller and audio meter with an user interface and a small footprint that preserves desktop real estate , featuring a 5-in . touchscreen , as well as a rotary knob that also functions as a push button for access to dim or mute functions . The screen layout can be customized by the user via a browser-based application , and TouchControl 5 is able to control up to 32 AoIP audio channels , making it compatible with audio formats from mono to immersive within a Dante audio network .
On the rear panel , a single ethernet port provides both AoIP connection , as well as PoE ( Power over Ethernet ). Further , a studio-grade microphone input with phantom power and a headphones output is available . The mic input could be used for adding a dedicated talkback microphone , but if preferred , TouchControl 5 also features a built-in microphone . Finally , an analog line out connection makes it easy to add a pair of external speakers in case they are not already connected via AoIP .
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Audio Design Desk ADD Audio Bridge & DAW Bridge
Audio Design Desk has introduced two new products : the ADD Audio Bridge and DAW Bridge . ADD Audio Bridge is a native extension for Final Cut Pro , an integration that enables editors to create transitions , titles , foley , and music cues without leaving the Final Cut Pro timeline . The new DAW Bridge syncs any DAW ( digital audio workstation ) to Final Cut Pro , so editors can use Logic Pro , Pro Tools , and all other DAWs to create professional audio within their video editing workflow .
ADD Audio Bridge is an integration designed to enable editors to stay inside their creative flow and produce their work in a fraction of the time . The extension syncs the Audio Design Desk and Final Cut Pro timelines and allows for instant data exchange of audio , video , session and marker data , frame rate , and time code from one program to another . ADD heavily utilizes Final Cut Pro ’ s “ audio roles ” so when footsteps or foley are exchanged from ADD to FCP , Final Cut is able to identify the types of sounds and their connection points with video .
DAW Bridge merges audio tools with Final Cut Pro so editors can mix , master , compose , and deliver from virtually any DAW without leaving the Final Cut Pro timeline . By syncing the audio and video editing timelines , The DAW Bridge is designed to make it feel as if the applications are one and the same .
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Sound Performance Lab ( SPL ) MTC MK2
SPL has announced the MTC Mk2 , the successor of the MTC monitor controller . The new product is set to ship in North America by late 2022 .
The SPL MTC has been updated with new features adapting it to the demands of modern music production environments . Advanced source and speaker selection , multiple monitoring modes , an integrated premium talkback system , headphone amplifiers with Phonitor Matrix , an additional input for a dedicated artist mix , and an internal audio operating voltage of +/ -18 volts all make the MTC Mk2 an upgrade from its predecessor .
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